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Request no. 23362. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 18/07/2019

Costs for one summary warrant issued by the sheriff court

Going as far back as is reasonable (eg 20 years), As this is a civil court case. The date of hearing of the court case when the pursuer started civil action against the defender.


Closed. No clarification received.

Request no. 23365. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 30/05/2019

Road Adoption Plan


Please refer to the following attached document:

23365 Road Adoption Plans & Colour Key


Request no. 23366. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 31/05/2019

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Information on Vehicle Restraint Systems


Request no. 23367. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Hope Street Pavement

Confirmation that the footpaths on the location has been adopted by you. Details of, and documents relating to, inspection reports of the footpaths on the location for the period mentioned above.


Request no. 23371. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 27/05/2019


The number of refugees received by The City of Edinburgh Council in the years 2015 -2018, broken down by countries of origin.


Request no. 23373. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 27/05/2019

Queens Drive

Maintenance & inspection records.


Referred to Historic Environment Scotland.


Request no. 23376. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

A71 Road Resurfacing

The accepted tender Bill of Quantities The detail relevant to the two major variations your engineers instructed The detailed Final Account incorporating the final figure paid to the contractor


Request no. 23377. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Council Nurseries

List of all council nurseries, the number of staff and the number of children in each nursery.


Request no. 23379. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 27/05/2019

Residential New-build Housing

I would like to know your most recent figures for residential new-build housing in the local authority area, and of the total number of new-build properties, how many are affordable housing?

Request no. 23381. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 24/05/2019

Over-subscribed Schools

Figures for primary schools within your authority that were over-subscribed for entrance into reception for the year 2019/2020.


Request no. 23382. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 06/05/2019

Road Adoption Plan for Meadowfield Farm

Please provide a Road Adoption Plan for Meadowfield Farm, 15, Turnhouse Road, EDINBURGH, EH12 0AX being the areas outlined in red on the accompanying plans.


Cancelled - Duplicate of 23365

Request no. 23383. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019

CCTV Request

CCTV footage date 06 04 2019. at around 12.50 of city chambers entrance. Bollard


Information provided on CD.

Request no. 23384. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 31/05/2019

Business Rates

A full and up to date list of businesses/companies/charities that have become newly liable for business rates from 15/04/19 to 30/04/2019.


Request no. 23385. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019

Food hygiene and health inspections

How often your local authority inspects premises using hygiene inspectors. How do your local authority inspection targets compare to national targets.


Request no. 23386. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

Parking Transactions

Details about all parking transactions (including the time, date, street/location, amount paid, duration) on the following three dates: * Wednesday 6th of April 2016 * Wednesday 5th of April 2017 * Wednesday 4th of April 2018


Request no. 23390. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Children's social work

Had been the subject of a multi-agency meeting under GIRFEC Had been referred to Children's Social Work Had a child protection investigation commencing before their fifth birthday Had a child protection case conference


Request no. 23395. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

Food hygiene reports

The latest food hygiene reports for the following premises which show 'Needs Improvement'.


Request no. 23399. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

CCNP's and Key performance indicators

A copy of the CCNP notification plan and the percentage of CCNPs complied with - 'Key performance indicators' for every development (Key Performance Outcome 2) in Edinburgh in each of the last 5 years


Request no. 23400. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019

Non-residential Care Contributions Threshold

Do you set a maximum contributions threshold when it comes to charging individuals for non-residential care packages?


We do not have a maximum contributions threshold when it comes to charging individuals for non-residential care packages.

Request no. 23401. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 30/05/2019

Application No 18/10119/LBC

Copies of all documents related to this application and decision


Request no. 23402. Received: 01/05/2019, Resolved: 27/05/2019

John Sinclair House, Edinburgh

Contaminated Land Enquiry


The site of interest has not been prioritised for inspection under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
No records of any intrusive investigations or remediation at the site are held.


Request no. 23403. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019


Please provide me with an annual breakdown of spending via any payment cards that may be used by the council and its staff, including Government procurement cards, e-procurement cards, debit or credit cards.


Request no. 23405. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

OT Assessment Waiting List Figures

The current length of the OT waiting list. Please include: The total number of cases The approximate wait in months for an OT assessment. Adult and paediatric figures.


Request no. 23407. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Self-Directed Support

Information regarding assessments


Request no. 23408. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

SEN school placement

Information regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN) school placements for children with autism (ASD) and Social, emotional and behavioural difficulty (EBD)


We do not have statements or EHC plans in Scotland.


Request no. 23409. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Looked After Children

Information regarding the number of Looked After Children with autism (ASD) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) in children’s homes.


Request no. 23410. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 01/07/2019

George Square Bollards

All maintenance and full service reports of the bollards [or the pathway]; All complaints made All records of inspections The maintenance or repair policy


Request no. 23412. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019

LOBO Loan Details for 2015/16 & 2018/19

Information for each of the LOBO loans you held in the 2015/16 financial year.


Request no. 23413. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

Brexit capital spend

An itemised list of all revenue and capital spending on Brexit for the financial year 2018-19. An itemised list of all planned revenue and capital spending on Brexit for the financial year 2019-20.


Please refer to the attached spreadsheet.


Request no. 23414. Received: 03/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

Payments made by the council to the firms PWC and Brodies

Please can you provide details of all payments made by the council to the firms PWC and Brodies over the last four years.


Request no. 23420. Received: 02/05/2019, Resolved: 04/06/2019

Carnegie Court- Waste

Request for internal email communications sent to/from the Waste Planning department that mention Carnegie Court for the last four years 02/05/15 to 02/05/19.


Please see the information from Waste and Cleansing and from the South East locality attached.


Request no. 23421. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Notices on Street Furniture and Fly-posting

How long are TRO and RSO notices, road closure and changes to parking charges notices etc supposed to be displayed for? Is anyone within the Council supposed to remove them at the end of this time? If so who?


Request no. 23425. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Police Box Comely Green

I am looking to find out the contact details for the owner of the Police Box at the top of Comely Green steps.


We do not hold this information.

Request no. 23429. Received: 07/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019


Western Approach road heading West between the Gardner’s Crescent and Grove St bridges (06/05/2019)


Information not held.

Request no. 23430. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Electric / Other Low-Emission Vehicles

Does your local authority have a current procurement plan for electric or other low emission vehicles with a view to replace its current fleet of vehicles with low emission alternatives?


Request no. 23431. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Market Street Hotel

For the new Market Street Hotel, Edinburgh please send a copy of : - (a) The Air Permeability Test Certificate; (b) The Air Permeability Test Report; and (c) The SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) report or equivalent.


Request no. 23432. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Properties built in the last 20 years

For properties built in the last 20 years please detail; The number of properties valued at each band between 2000 and 2009, as well as the number of properties valued at each band between 2010 and 2019.

Request no. 23433. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Tobacco Control

To ask the City of Edinburgh Council how many meetings have taken place between the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian on tobacco control in 2012 to 2019.


We are unaware of any meetings having taken place between City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian regarding tobacco control. This service is the responsibility of Public Health within NHS Lothian.

Request no. 23434. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Parking violations

Between 2013 and 2019 (inclusive), what were the total number of parking violations within the city of Edinburgh? Please break this down by year (i.e. 2013: 3,000)


Request no. 23435. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 18/07/2019

'The forgotten people'

I would like access a report that was conducted by Becky Clark in 2014 for Angus Council titled - 'The forgotten people'


Closed. No clarification received

Request no. 23436. Received: 07/05/2019

Edinburgh Trams to Newhaven

The detailed traffic modelling performed in regard to divert all Leith bound traffic to Easter Road during the construction phase of the extension of Edinburgh Trams to Newhaven

Request no. 23440. Received: 06/05/2019, Resolved: 11/07/2019

Open Streets

A copy of the Equality Impact Assessment undertaken in relation to the car free Sunday; Copies of communications relating to the Car Free Sunday undertaken with disability groups;


Request no. 23441. Received: 07/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

Streets in Ward 05

The streets in question are: Mary’s Place Raeburn Place Portgower Place Comely Bank Road & west to the roundabout at Crew Road North. Following for each: 1] Date of adoption 2] Extent of any adoption 3] Any changes of name & when


Request no. 23442. Received: 07/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Number of flytipping offences in Edinburgh between 2010 and 2018

How many flytipping incidents in the county that your authority controls were reported to City of Edinburgh Council, Police Scotland (including then Strathclyde Police) and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency between 2010 and 2018?


Request no. 23444. Received: 07/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Property Owner Request

Property Owner Request


Information provided

Request no. 23449. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

HMO Register

Addresses of all Registered Residential HMO properties The maximum number of occupants that each property The names of the owners/licence holders of those properties

Request no. 23452. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Dalry Road

Maintenance and inspection records from March 2018 to date


Request no. 23454. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Revision Fees

Please supply the following information for academic year 2018/19: How many state secondary schools in the local authority area charge fees, to be met by pupils or their parents/carers, for exam revision classes?


Request no. 23455. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019


Please email me the list of registered contractors that carry out works issued by the Aids and Adaptations Team. Specifically bathroom or wet room adaptations


Please see attached lists of Adaptation Contractors for Private Grants and Council Owned. The contractors related to bathroom and wet floor shower works are highlighted.


Request no. 23459. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 17/07/2019

Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, B7030

Documentation, information, notes, correspondence and reports held by you in relation to the condition of Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, B7030 around the time of this accident


Information provided

Request no. 23460. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Traffic Wardens / Parking Attendants

Which private company did you appoint to act as traffic wardens and parking attendants? Please provide details of the duration of the current contract and the date which the current contract began and the date the current contract terminates?


Request no. 23465. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

RAP - Heriot Watt University

Road Adoption Request


Please find attached Road Adoption Plans for The Avenue at Heriot Watt University.


Request no. 23466. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 05/06/2019

A8 at its junction with Ingliston Road

Detailed drawings of the signalisation and junction layout; Road safety audit/report; Officers report/committee report describing/authorising the works; Cost of the proposals; Draft Order for the works.


Request no. 23467. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Air Departure Tax and/or Air Passenger Duty

Any communication (correspondence, email, text, calls or otherwise) within the council, that includes or alludes to Air Departure Tax and/or Air Passenger Duty. I would any available information available between January 1 and present.


Request no. 23468. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Young Carer's Card

Does your local authority provide a young carer's card? What benefits does the young carer's card give in your local authority?


The City of Edinburgh Council does not provide a young carer’s card.

Request no. 23470. Received: 07/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

Edinburgh Schools

The number of school children that have been permanently dismissed from City of Edinburgh Council schools each year from 2012.


Request no. 23471. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 03/07/2019

SQA Exams in Drama

Do you offer SQA exams in drama and if so do you make any charges to learners preparing for these exams?


Request no. 23472. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Sexual Assaults in Schools

For each of the years 2016, 2017, 2018, how many sexual assaults were committed by pupils on pupils in both primary and secondary schools.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing you with the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 23473. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 09/07/2019

Teachers - Stress

I would like information of the number of Edinburgh council employees - teachers if possible - who are signed off due to stress, depression, anxiety and/psychological conditions each year.


Request no. 23474. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 21/05/2019

CCTV Request

I would like to receive CCTV footage for the 6th May 2019 during the time frame of 8pm to 8:15 pm from the main lobby of a building located at 58 Restarlrig Circus.


Cancelled. Information no longer required.

Request no. 23475. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 17/05/2019

B701 Redford Road

Would like to see the road inspection logs on the 13/03/09 for B701 Redford Road


Please refer to the attached Site History Report which shows the road inspection record requested.

Route 'CW1' is a carriageway only inspection.


Request no. 23476. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Designated Country Parks

Figures for the total number of designated “country parks in your council for each of the following years, taking 5th April as the benchmark date for each year. 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2010 2000


Our only Country Park is Bonaly – created in 1984.

Request no. 23477. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

PFI and NPD Service Contracts

What PFI and NPD do Edinburgh Council currently have? At what point can each of these PFI and NPD contracts be renegotiated? What PFI and NPD Service Contracts do Edinburgh Council currently have?


Request no. 23478. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 10/05/2019

Edinburgh Commonwealth Pool

Please provide details of costs relating to the running of the Edinburgh Commonwealth pool for the last 3 full financial years shown separately.

Request no. 23479. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 05/07/2019

Social workers

In each of the past three years, how many (i) part-time and (ii) full-time social workers have been employed by the council? In each of the past three years, how many social workers have been employed at each pay grade?


Request no. 23480. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Melrose Drive, Newhaven

Inspection reports from the period 12 months prior to the date of the accident to date. Inspection reports from and inclusive of the date of the accident to date.


Request no. 23481. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Services Provided by Capita

The amount of council money spent between 2013 and now (inclusive) on services provided by Capita. Please break this down by year and by type of services provided by Capita.


Request no. 23482. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Junction Portobello High Street and Sir Harry Lauder Road

How many accidents have happened during the last 10 years involving collisions between vehicles and cyclists at the junction exiting Portobello High Street and making a left turn into Sir Harry Lauder Road?


Request no. 23483. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 16/07/2019 15:45:00

Computers & iPads/tablets

In each of the last three years, how many council owned (i) computers and (ii) iPads/tablets have been available for use?

Request no. 23484. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 07/06/2019

Palais de Danse, 125/127 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QG

Contaminated Land Enquiry


Request no. 23485. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 13/05/2019

Edinburgh City PCN Revenue

Information regarding the issue of parking fines in the city, specifically penalty charge notices (PCNs).

Request no. 23486. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 10/07/2019

Lothian Road

Confirmation as to whether the maintenance and upkeep of the above area is the responsibility of the City of Edinburgh Council. Information on maintenance and repairs that have been carried out from 20 March 2018 to date


Request no. 23487. Received: 09/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

Northfield Willowbrae CC accounts

I would like sight of the accounts from September 2015 - January 2016.


The Community Council ceased to exist following the 19 November 2015 meeting due to the substantial resignations of its members requiring it to be dissolved. There are no annual accounts submitted by the Willowbrae CC for this period held by CEC.

Request no. 23498. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 20/05/2019

Residential Planning Application, The Glebe, West Calder, West Lothian

A full copy of the planning application and any conditions attached to the application. Copies of notices issued. All correspondence.

Request no. 23499. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 27/06/2019

Common Good Fund Assets

Full details on how the Council satisfied the prospective purchaser of the Council's title given the sale proceeded satisfactorily


Request no. 23501. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 - S87, S90, S92 Notices, S95 and S96

Notices or Orders that remain extant as at 10th May 2019 Notices or Orders that have been complied with and have monies owed to City of Edinburgh Council as at 10th May 2019


Request no. 23502. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 - Regulation 6, Regulation 7, Regulation 8 and Regulation 9

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made


Request no. 23503. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 - S8

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made


Please see previous request under reference 20253

Request no. 23504. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997 - S3, S4, S28, S34, S42, S43, S49 & S50

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council from 9th January 2019 to 10th May 2019


Request no. 23505. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council. 9th January 2019 to 10th May 2019


The Council has issued no notices under the above Act. No notices are extant and there are no invoices or monies outstanding.

Request no. 23506. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Building (Scotland) Act 2003 - S25, S26, S27, S28, S29 & S30

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council

Request no. 23507. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Environmental Protection Act 1990 - S80, S90 & S92

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council. From 9th January 2019 to 10th May 2019


No notices have been issued. There are no notices extant or which have been complied with. There are no invoices or monies outstanding.

Request no. 23508. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 & Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

Notices: • Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 - S88, S89, S90, S91, S108, S114 , S115, S157, S160, S161, S162, S166, S167, S169, S178 and S184 • Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 - S1, S3, S5, S30, S33, S35, S36, S37, S38, S40, S42, S50 and S146


No notices have been issued. There are no outstanding notices or invoices.

Request no. 23509. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 - S207 & S208 & Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 - S12 & S68

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council


Request no. 23510. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 & Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council • Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 - Sections: 33a, 127, 140, 145, 168, 179, 189 & 190 • Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 - Sections: 25 & 26


Request no. 23511. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Health & Safety at Work Act etc. 1974 - S21 & S22

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council


Request no. 23512. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Scotland) Regulations 1984 - S14 & S24

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council


Request no. 23513. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council


The Council does not use this Act.

Request no. 23514. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure)(Scotland) Act 1947

Orders served as at 10th May 2019 Orders that remain extant as at 10th May 2019 Orders that have been complied between 9th January 2019 to 10th May 2019


Request no. 23515. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Food Safety Act 1990 - S10, S11 and S12

Details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council.


We have not served any notices during 9 January 2019 and 10 May 2019 under the legislation detailed, and there are no extant notices. As a local authority does not do work in default under these provisions, there are no outstanding monies due.

Request no. 23516. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 - Section 160 & Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 - Section 28

Details in regards to Orders that have been made by City of Edinburgh Council


There have been no additional orders issued since we responded to the previous request for this information under reference 16697 which is available on the disclosure log.

Request no. 23518. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Guidance on use of plastics

Please provide a copy of the guidance issued to council staff in the use of plastics


Request no. 23522. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 16/07/2019 15:21:00

Pavement outside 9 Magdalene Drive, Edinburgh, EH15

Maintenance and inspection records


Request no. 23524. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Redhall Drive

How much money to date from tenancy began has been spent both interior & exterior to make it fully accessible for the tenant. Including non essential Alterations.


Request no. 23525. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Statutory notice cases contested by the council

Details of the total number of statutory notice cases contested by the council in each of the last 10 years and amount paid by the council in legal fees in each of the last 10 years in relation to statutory notice legal work.


Request no. 23526. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

Repairs logged

A full list of all communal repairs logged at the following address for the last 5 years: Loganlea Road, Edinburgh , EH7


Information provided

Request no. 23527. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Tram fares

What proportion of tram fares to the airport get paid to the airport vs Transport for Edinburgh? Is this fixed or negotiable in the future?

Request no. 23528. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Hockey & Rugby Tour to Sri Lanka in 2019

Information that Edinburgh City Council and more specifically Trinity Academy hold in relation to combined Hockey & Rugby Tour to Sri Lanka in 2019.


Request no. 23529. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Planning applications

Summary of planning applications, ideally from 1990-to present.


Information provided. For a copy of the spreadsheet please email:

Request no. 23530. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Bus lane cameras and the average speed camera located on Old Dalkeith Road

When the council passed the resolution to install a bus lane camera recently placed on liberton road (southbound). And if there was any information regarding as to why there was a camera placed here.


Request no. 23531. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Anti-social behaviour logs

A list of all anti-social behaviour logs and any other online logs received


Information provided.

Request no. 23532. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Dog Fouling in Leith

Further to FOI request 23086, would you be able to provide date, time and location of the fixed penalty notices for dog fouling in Leith?


Request no. 23533. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019


Please provide details (including monthly figures) of the number of overtime hours offered to employees working in 'Waste and Cleansing' (or similar) between November 2014 and April 2019.


Request no. 23534. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Street Lighting

How many CEC signs have been put on the six street light posts in Roxburgh Place in 2012-2019? How many times have street lighting bases been attended to by CEC persons in Roxburgh Place between 2012 and 2019?


Request no. 23535. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Children and Adult Social Care Systems

Please could you confirm which systems you are using as listed below: CoreLogic (Framework/Mosaic) LiquidLogic (LCS/LAS/ContrOCC) CareWorks (Care Director) In relation to Children, Adult Social Care


Details of systems will not be provided, as per ICT Security Advisory brief dated January 2018, which advises rejection as recommended by GovCerUK, when we receive FOI requests which look to obtain insight into our ICT infrastructure and practices.

Request no. 23536. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Road Adoption Plan - Builyeon Road

Request for the Road adoption plan for BUILYEON ROAD, South Queensferry.


Documents attached.


Request no. 23537. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Parking charges

How much CEC received by way of parking charges for the period of 01/04/2018 to 30/04/2018 and also 01/04/2019 to 30/04/2019 on Fettes Avenue and Carrington Road, Edinburgh.


Request no. 23539. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Concessionary Lets

Please can you provide a list of every organisation currently paying a concessionary lease and how long each lease has left?


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing you with the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 23542. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 16/07/2019

6-8 Castle Street, Edinburgh EH2 3AT

Details pertaining to any monies held on account by way of credit balances/write-ons due to be returned to any/all of the previous ratepayers.


Closed - no clarification received

Request no. 23543. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Ferry Road Avenue, Edinburgh

Questions pertaining to Ferry Road Avenue, Edinburgh regarding: Ownership, risks, complaints, defects, damage, inspections, maintenance and repairs.


Request no. 23544. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Meadowbank Stadium Grandstand

All correspondence, documents and meetings between 01/12/2018 and 31/01/2019 about any decisions or timetable for the demolition of Meadowbank Stadium.


The Council does not control the decisions on or timings of demolitions because the timetable for demolition is solely the responsibility of the Main Contractor.

Request no. 23547. Received: 13/05/2019, Resolved: 19/07/2019

Accessible and Adaptable Properties

Number of properties & people waiting, waiting times & if offered further support. Frameworks to identify needs & prioritise high risk housing situations. Plans for building accessible and adaptable properties & to address growing need.


Cancelled - no longer required

Request no. 23548. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Duke Street Junction Redesign Consultation and Investigation

The outcomes of any consultations or public investigations into why 'The existing junction makes it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate'.


Request no. 23550. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Perceptions of tourism tax implementation

Local perceptions towards a potential tourism tax implementation in the city of Edinburgh.

Request no. 23551. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

Estimating water demand for non-residential buildings

Assistance in finding large-scale buildings such as office buildings around Edinburgh ( 2-3 buildings) and getting permission to access the buildings to gather data.


We have checked for information we hold regarding flow rates but do not hold any information which would meet your request.

Request no. 23552. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Purchase of properties for the temporary accomodation of the homeless

For financial years 2014/15; 2015/16; 2016/17; 2017/18; 2018/19: Number of dwellings purchased. Money spent purchasing them. Money assigned for 2019/20 to purchase such properties. Number that have disabled access.


Request no. 23554. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 13/06/2019

Accessibility Strategy

Copy of current accessibility strategy and details of consultation undertaken with children, young people and parents in preparing the strategy.


Request no. 23555. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Stray Dogs

How many stray dogs the Council have collected and dealt with over the last year (1/5/2018-1/5/2019)? And during that period, how many dog control notices have been issued?


Request no. 23556. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 11/06/2019

Schools and Vandalism

How many schools (all types of schools, secondary, primary, other, combined) you have in your council? Number of incidents of vandalism and costs of repairing the vandalism for these schools from 2016-2019.


Request no. 23563. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

E10892 - Baberton Avenue Drainage Records

A copy of the existing drainage records for the road on which our property will be connected.

Request no. 23564. Received: 14/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Building Control - Falling Masonry

Information on falling masonry within the city – how often this has occurred and been recorded over the last 5 years, broken down by year?


Please refer to the attached ‘Record of Masonry Falls’ document which includes all requests for service and advice to owners in relation to items falling from roofs and falling masonry.


Request no. 23566. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Dog Fouling

1. How many complaints and enquiries the Env. Wardens have received for dog fouling on communal land or open space land in the last year in Ward 4. 2. How many Fixed Penalty Notices the Env. Wardens have received


1. 36 complaints
2. 3 FPNs were issued

Request no. 23571. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 26/06/2019

Holiday Childcare Survey 2019

Request regarding price and sufficiency of childcare in your local authority.


Request no. 23572. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 22/07/2019

Care and Repair Services

How much funding is available for Care and Repair services? What reablement services are provided by the Council?


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 23574. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

Organisation status

Multiple questions about the City of Edinburgh Council


Request no. 23577. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Council trip abroad

Information requested in regard to the Chief Executive's overseas trip.


Request no. 23579. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 04/07/2019

Correspondence regarding planning application - 18/01088/FUL

Copy of all papers and correspondence (including notes and records of telephone or oral conversations) between the Council and its officers on the one hand, and the owners or operators or representatives of the Golf Tavern on the other


Request no. 23581. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 13/06/2019

Saughton Mains Drive - Anti-social Behaviour

Please provide the number of anti-social behaviour incidents that have taken place in Saughton Mains Drive in the last five years and dates of when they took place. What actions have been taken to resolve these issues?


Request no. 23582. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Unregistered landlords

Please could you tell me how many times the council has found someone to have been operating as an unregistered landlord in the last five years.


Request no. 23584. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 05/07/2019 14:24:00

Idling Engine Fixed Penalty Charges

How many fixed penalty notices have you issued to drivers leaving vehicle engines to idle unnecessarily for the years 2018/19, 2017/18 and 2016/17?

Request no. 23585. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Property Repair Information

Details of all work undertaken in respect of the fitting metal thresholds/carpet bars in the above property; and Any complaints in relation to the above property from 24/01/2018 to present.


Information provided.

Request no. 23587. Received: 17/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Gilmerton Dykes Street

Maintenance & inspection records


Request no. 23589. Received: 17/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

Council tax discount/premium on second homes

The council tax discount/premium on second homes, on homes empty for longer than 6 months and homes empty for longer than 2 years as a percentage of the standard council tax in your council from 2009 to 2018.


Request no. 23590. Received: 17/05/2019, Resolved: 23/07/2019

Educational mental health staff

The number of mental health staff working in schools, broken down by primary and secondary, the local authority employed at the end of each quarter over the last 5 years.


Closed. No clarification received.

Request no. 23591. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Public toilets

The number of public toilets in the City of Edinburgh in each of the last 10 years. The number of public toilets around the Grassmarket area in each of the last 10 years.


Request no. 23592. Received: 15/05/2019, Resolved: 29/05/2019

National 4 and 5s

For the current academic year (2018/19), in each individual local authority secondary school, what is the maximum number of National 4 and 5s a pupil can study in S4?


There is no limit set centrally. Schools choose the best structure for their own context

Request no. 23593. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019


Request for information about complaints received 2017/18.


Request no. 23594. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Uplifts of Garden Waste

The number of missed uplifts of garden waste bins since the the introduction of the £25 fee. Data required for Edinburgh Data required for Leith Central community council area


Request no. 23595. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 31/05/2019

CCTV Request

Can you provide any CCTV footage from 15/05/2019 at around 19:35 of my car from the end of Princes Street (east), turning right onto North Bridge in relation to an alleged road traffic office?


At the time of the incident the camera mounted on the Balmoral Hotel (camera 104) was pointing down Leith Street and focussed on the pavement; consequently we will be unable to supply you with any data relating to this enquiry.

Request no. 23596. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 12/06/2019

Road Adoption Plan - North Bridge and High Street

Please provide a Road Adoption Plan over 29/31 North Bridge, Edinburgh and 137 High Street, Edinburgh.


Request no. 23597. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 13/06/2019

Energy Performance

What enforcement has been carried out in relation to Section 63 reports (DEC and AR) on properties? How many enquiries had Trading Standards made in each of the following for potential non-compliance of the EPB regulations?


Request no. 23599. Received: 17/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Home survey

A home survey was done on damp issues building decay. I require a copy of the report and the future outcome of the building is building remaining there or repairs and what are specific issues with flat


Request no. 23602. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 28/06/2019

Temporary Accommodation

The number of people who have been housed in temporary accommodation after making a homelessness application in each of the past five years. Please provide a breakdown for each year.


Request no. 23605. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Planning Permission Rejections

The information I request is; all council planning permission rejections, spanning over a 5 year period (2014-2019).


Please refer to the following attached document:

23605 Refused Applications 2014-2019


Request no. 23606. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Damage to Street Furniture

What is the Council's policy with regard to recovering costs associated with damage to street furniture caused by motor vehicle collision? Does this policy cover bus shelters?


Request no. 23608. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019

B701 Redford Road - Inspection Records

A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road. A copy of the road repair history for that road over the past year.


Request no. 23612. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 19/07/2019

Demolition of Meadowbank Stadium

I would like all details relating to the delayed demolition of meadowbank stadium and the environmental status of hazardous substances present within this building


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 23613. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Health and social care workers

How many health and social care workers in home care have had sick days or have been on light duty’s because of knee injury’s in the last 2 years?


Between 24/05/17 and 24/05/19 there were 22 individuals recorded as having an absence due to knee pain.

We are unable to provide information on whether workers are on light duties as this information is not held.

Request no. 23614. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Damp survey report - Broomhouse Walk

Damp survey report


Request no. 23615. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Business rates

Most up-to-date list of all business (non-residential) property rates data

Request no. 23616. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Autistic children

Please can you tell me what approach/es are recommended by your education department to help autistic children improve their social competence?


Request no. 23617. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019

Service Charges in High Rise Residential Blocks

How many high rise residential blocks are owned or controlled by your council and how many have service charges in operation?


Request no. 23618. Received: 20/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Public entertainment licence

I would like to check that a premise has a public entertainment licence under the freedom of information act. I have checked the register and I cannot find them on it I would be grateful if this could be confirmed


The Premises does not currently hold a Public Entertainment Licence, however, an application has been lodged and is currently being considered.

Request no. 23619. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 18/06/2019

Drug-related Litter Call-outs

How many call-outs were made to the local authority for the removal of drug-related litter in each year since 2009?


Please refer to the attached document which covers the period 2014 to date.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the information requested for the period 2009 to 2013 as it is not held by the Council.


Request no. 23620. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Planning Application 19/01796

Planning application 19/01796 & any other application regarding 'Land East of 173 Gilberstoun Edinburgh' & the 'Demolition of the existing dilapidated farm buildings & erection of 19 new houses with associated roads, garages & parking'.


Please see attached.


Request no. 23622. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 17/06/2019


Whether your local authority automatically grants an additional year of funded childcare to children whose parents have used their legal right to defer their child’s entry into school by a year.


Request no. 23624. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Bus lane fines

1) How many were paid? 2) How many were subject to review? 3) How many reviews were rejected? 4) As at 22 May 2019 how many have been cancelled? 5) Of those paid, how many have been refunded?


Request no. 23626. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Road Adoption Plan

A Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc. the roads highlighted purple, red and yellow displayed in the accompanying plans.


Request no. 23629. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Evidence to support claims that the CCWEL will not have a detrimental impact on air quality in Roseburn Terrace

Copies of evidence


Request no. 23630. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Unit 19, Fort Kinnaird Park, Newcraighall, Edinburgh EH15 3RD

Business rates


There is no entry on the Valuation Roll relating to 19 Kinnaird Park.

Request no. 23636. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 14/06/2019


How much Edinburgh City Council receives from weekend parking overpayment.


Information not held.

Request no. 23638. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Paying for Council Services by Cash

Where it is stated that 90% of people paying for council services have access to a card. Of the people who pay by cash; What percentage are over 65? What are the numbers broken down by SIMD (SIMD 2016 - CA2011 deciles)


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 23639. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Southbridge Road, Edinburgh EH1 1LL

1. Whether the site (or nearby areas) are listed under Part 2a; 2. Details of any private groundwater abstractions; and 3. Details of any nearby pollution incidents which you may hold.


Request no. 23641. Received: 21/05/2019, Resolved: 13/08/2019

Redevelopment of Castle Street

I am looking to seek access from the council regarding information/designs/plans that were used in the redevelopment of Castle Street, Edinburgh.


No clarification received.

Request no. 23645. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019 09:02:00

Escape of water

Documents held regarding the above

Request no. 23647. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Waterloo Place

Maintenance & inspection records


Request no. 23648. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019


In your council, how many individuals have been assessed and are homeless by legal definition in the last three years, broken down by year – presented as 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19?


Request no. 23649. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Library Closures

How many libraries have shut down in the council in the last five years, broken down by year (presented, where possible, as 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and as far as recorded in 2019).


There have been no closures in the Council of libraries or leisure facilities during the time scale indicated.

Request no. 23652. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Discretionary Housing Payments

Details of your council's spend and use of Discretionary Housing Payments, for each financial year since 2014/15 to present day.


Please refer to the following attached document:

23652 Response Table - DHPs awarded-refused-budget since 2014


Request no. 23662. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 02/07/2019

Armed Forces Recruitment and Promotional Activity

Research into different policy approaches that local authorities take towards armed forces recruitment and promotional activity in public spaces and public events.


Request no. 23663. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 16/07/2019

A6095 Peffermill Road

Dates of all safety inspections undertaken on the carriageway in the past two years Details of all carriageway defects identified during safety inspections in the past two years


Request no. 23664. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Penalty Charge Notices

How many penalty charge notices were issued to drivers in 2017, 2018 and 2019 thus far (please give data for each year separately)?


Request no. 23665. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

St Thomas of Aquin's High School IT refresh

I would like full details of the circumstances surrounding the St Thomas of Aquin's High School 'IT refresh'


All teachers, all computer classes, business classes, and Graphic Communication classes have Computing equipment to support learning and teaching of pupils at St Thomas’ over the last 2 years.

Request no. 23666. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 30/09/2019

Bus Lane Camera - Liberton Road

Request for all communications relating to the installation of this camera on the A701 Liberton Road between Lady Road and Gilmerton Road


Request no. 23668. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Bus Safety Incident Data

January - 30 March 2019 showing: 1. Date of Incident 2. Bus Route 3. Local Name of Operator 4. Operator Group Name (if applicable)


This detailed information is not collated or recorded by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Request no. 23669. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 20/06/2019

Road Adoption Plan - Easter Road Stadium

Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc. namely Albion Road, Albion Place and Hawkhill Avenue displayed in the accompanying plans.


See attached Road Adoption Plan and Colour Key.


Request no. 23670. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Council-run breakfast clubs

Do council-run breakfast clubs operate in all your primary schools? Do they operate every school day in all primary schools, or does provision differ from school to school?


Request no. 23671. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 15/07/2019

Drain Blockages

How much money was paid to:- DCS Utilities Limited Other companies related to drain blockages?



Request no. 23672. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Non-BSL related communication

Does a particular agency hold a contract with Edinburgh City Council as to the supply of communication professionals for non-BSL users (ie, Lipspeakers, Electronic Notetakers, STTRs)?


Information Provided.

Request no. 23673. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Lothian Pension Fund

An up-to-date list of Lothian Pension Fund’s investments

Request no. 23674. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

LEV (Local exhaust ventilation) contracts

Which LEV ( Local exhaust ventilation) contracts do you currently have for your Schools and Colleges Which company currently has the council contract for LEV Local Exhaust ventilation When is this contract due for renewal

Request no. 23675. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

Details of Building Defect Letter

Requesting full details of Building Defect Letter, sent to the owners of 43-45 Comely Bank Place EH4 1ER, Edinburgh on 17/05/2019 by Edinburgh Shared Service reference.


Information provided

Request no. 23676. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 09/07/2019

Specialist / additional support education

The number of requests Edinburgh council has received for a child to be placed in a specialist or additional support education unit


Request no. 23678. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Retail vacancy rates

Request for the total number of empty properties at this time in relation to the vacancy rates in shops, kiosks, restaurants and pubs.

Request no. 23679. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Scottish Rugby Union's Application

All information relating to City of Edinburgh Council's ongoing planning discussions relating to the Scottish Rugby Union's application for planning permission to build a new small stadium for Edinburgh Rugby on the back pitches at Murrayfield.

Request no. 23681. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Garden Waste

Do you have a charge for collecting garden waste? When was it introduced? Is the charge weekly, monthly or annual? How much is the charge?


Request no. 23682. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 28/05/2019

RAP - Easter Road Stadium

Road adoption report


Cancelled - See 23669

Request no. 23683. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 13/06/2019

Road Adoption Plan - West Craigs

Road adoption report


Cancelled - Duplicate of 23365


Request no. 23684. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 28/05/2019

Head of Procurement

Is it possible to advise the name and email address for the Head of Procurement at the council please?


The Chief Procurement Officer is Iain Strachan.

Request no. 23691. Received: 22/05/2019, Resolved: 19/06/2019

Accident records

Follow on from 22543 Send us copies of any report forms including form F2508. Please confirm whether you have investigated the accident and whether a factual statement and photographs have been prepared. Similar accidents in the last 5 years


Information provided

Request no. 23692. Received: 23/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

CEC Constitution or equivalent

FOI request for CEC Constitution or equivalent

Request no. 23693. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Car Park Ownership

Can you please confirm who has ownership of the car park area at The Bowling Green, Edinburgh, EH6 5RW?


Request no. 23694. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

Table of contents page numbers

Follow on from 23214 Re document relating to the contract[1] between the City of Edinburgh Council and NSL Limited for parking enforcement services Is it possible to tell me how many pages there are in each section?


Request no. 23695. Received: 24/05/2019, Resolved: 21/06/2019

Foster care allowances 2019/20

Please could you tell me your weekly foster care allowances for all age bands, NOT including any fee/reward element for foster carers. Please detail your fee/reward structure for foster carers

Request no. 23697. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 28/06/2019

Current Primary School Staffing Thresholds

Current locally agreed threshold (maximum class size) for a multi-level composite class for a single teacher school.


Request no. 23698. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019 10:07:00

Smoking at NHS Sites

How many people have been fined for smoking at NHS sites within your council area since 2015. In addition, please tell me how many people have been cautioned for smoking at NHS sites within your council area since 2015.

Request no. 23707. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

CCTV Request

Eastfield Road


I am afraid that a faulty drive meant that this camera was not recording data on the date you have requested, and consequently we will be unable to provide any information.

Request no. 23708. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Complaints infomation

Would it be possible for you to send me all the information you have in regards to complaints since January 2013 about dogs living at Hutchison Medway, Edinburgh.

Request no. 23709. Received: 27/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Accident Records

Copies of all documentation


The City of Edinburgh Council holds no records or information regarding the accident.

Request no. 23710. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 24/06/2019

Alcohol and drug testing

How many environmental service workers have failed a random drugs and/or alcohol test in the years since the George Square, Glasgow, bin lorry disaster in 2014?


Request no. 23712. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Teacher Vacancies

Pre-school/primary vacancies Pre-school/primary vacancies which are > three months Secondary vacancies Secondary vacancies which are > three months


Request no. 23721. Received: 29/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Social Work Service Teams

Please can you provide the name, contact and address details for each social work service team and department in City of Edinburgh Council broken down by: - Adult Services - Children and Families Services - Criminal Justice


Request no. 23722. Received: 29/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Gorgie Road

Information regarding faulty pipe

Request no. 23724. Received: 29/05/2019, Resolved: 26/06/2019

Seagulls and Other Types of Gull

How much money has the council spent on measures to try and control seagulls and other types of gull each financial year since 2015/16 (inclusive of any planned spending in the current financial year 2019/20)?


Request no. 23731. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 31/05/2019 15:21:00

New performing arts Centre 35-36 St Andrews Square

Request no. 23733. Received: 30/05/2019, Resolved: 03/06/2019

Commissioning of Bennetts Associates architects' feasibility studies

Please could you provide me with all information that relates to the commissioning of Bennetts Associates architects' feasibility studies published in 2014 and 2015 respectively



Request no. 23737. Received: 30/05/2019, Resolved: 12/07/2019

Processions and/or Parades

Can you give me a list of all processions and/or parades in the local authority in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, including which organisation was responsible for the procession?


Request no. 23738. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 28/06/2019

Teachers Taking Early Retirement

Number of teachers taking early retirement. Teachers taking early retirement as a percentage of the total teachers registered for that year.


Request no. 23739. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 01/07/2019 10:52:00

Elderly Care

Placements and spending for older person’s social services


Request no. 23744. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 02/08/2019

Bereavement Services/Crematoria departments

Information on Bereavement Services/Crematoria departments


No clarification received

Request no. 23747. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

Councillors Cycling and Staff Cycling to Work Schemes

Do you have any records of the number of councilors who travel to work using biclyes? Do you have any records of council staff who travel to work using bicycles?


Request no. 23750. Received: 10/05/2019, Resolved: 10/06/2019

Inclusion Resource - Secondary schools

Information regarding the purpose and remit of the Inclusion Resource in Drummond High School, Leith Academy, Craigmount High School, and St Thomas of Aquin’s High School.


Request no. 23752. Received: 30/05/2019, Resolved: 26/06/2019

Discretionary Housing Payments [DHP]

Please provide copies of any/all CEC policy, procedures, committee meeting minutes, internal guidance or any other related papers on application for, and decision-making on, Discretionary Housing Payments [DHP].


Request no. 23766. Received: 31/05/2019, Resolved: 23/08/2019

Tender Submission

Request for copy of tender submission from George Carruthers and Sons Ltd.


Request no. 23786. Received: 08/05/2019, Resolved: 06/06/2019

18/04657/FUL, 18/07127/LBC & 18/07730/LBC - IMPACT Centre - Legal Agreement

1. When the Council received payment of the Tram Contribution in full – [Clause 2.1 ii)]; and 2. When the Council received payment of the Council’s fees and expenses pursuant to Clause 6 – [Clause 2.1 iii)]


A1. The tram contribution was paid on 26th April 2019.
a2. Our fees were paid by cheque on 29th April 2019.

Request no. 23797. Received: 28/05/2019, Resolved: 25/06/2019

HMO Register w/ Licence Holder & Address

The latest register with the name and address of the licence holder or landlord

Request no. 24061. Received: 16/05/2019, Resolved: 28/06/2019

Accident - Ratcliffe Terrace

Investigation reports


Information provided under the Data Protection Act 2018.

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