FOI Disclosure Log

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Request no. 20321. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 25/09/2018

Repairs Information

Information in regards to repairs carried out on 1 Largo Place and 47-53 Ferry Road


Request no. 20322. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 02/10/2018

Discretionary early learning and childcare

Please provide copies of all plans and any other evidence of the council performing its statutory duty to consult with local parents about whether and how it makes discretionary early learning and childcare available


Request no. 20323. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 05/10/2018

Hackney Taxis

The vehicle registrations of all current hackney taxis licensed to operate in Edinburgh.

Request no. 20324. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 01/10/2018 12:58:00

Councillors with Council Tax Arrears

The number of serving councillors with council tax arrears and how much they owe.


The number of serving councillors with council tax arrears, and how much they owe.

I can confirm that no Councillors in Edinburgh currently have any Council Tax arrears.

Request no. 20325. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 01/10/2018

Highways licensing and permits policy

Please list all the highways licences and permits that City of Edinburgh Council issue e.g. Skips, scaffolding, road closures, A-boards, street cafés etc.


Request no. 20326. Received: 04/09/2018, Resolved: 25/09/2018

Primary Teachers

Could you please provide information on the total number of Primary Teachers that are employed with the council and a breakdown of full-time, part-time and supply within this.


Request no. 20333. Received: 03/09/2018

List of Council Housing Addresses

Please supply a list (spreadsheet or similar is fine) of all council housing under your remit. Please also supply a list of ex-council housing (ie properties bought out under right-to-buy etc).

Request no. 20334. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

Use of risk assessment methods in managing ASB

What risk assessment methodology do you use for assessing the risk of anti-social behaviour? Is this used for all incidents? How many community triggers have taken place each year in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017?


Request no. 20335. Received: 03/09/2018, Resolved: 01/10/2018

Number of active street traders

The current number of street traders you have approved and licensed to operate in your area.


Request no. 20342. Received: 04/09/2018, Resolved: 02/10/2018

Accident records

Riddor Request


Information provided

Request no. 20343. Received: 04/09/2018, Resolved: 02/10/2018

Strachan House Care Home, 93, Craigcook Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3PE

Contaminated Land Search Request


Request no. 20344. Received: 04/09/2018, Resolved: 01/11/2018

Cadenhead's Whisky Shop

Full details regarding inspection on 31 August 2018.


Information provided.

Request no. 20345. Received: 04/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

Business Rates

Full list of every business/company/charity that have become responsible for business rates Between the dates 15/08/2018-31/08/2018


Request no. 20346. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 29/11/2018

Scottish Government’s Named Person Policy

The number of Named Person training days which took place for practitioners in your local authority area between the years 2012 and 2015. The number of teachers involved in said training days.


We did not provide specific training for named persons during this period.

Request no. 20347. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 20/11/2018

Inglis Green Road

Policy procedure for inspection, maintenance and repair. Records of inspection for the relevant stretch of footway 24 months prior to the accident. Maintenance records including records of independent contractors


Request no. 20348. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

SQA Duties

Has your council introduced any new policies, or has it issued any form of advice, on releasing staff for SQA duties in the last three years? Does your local authority have any policies, or has it issued any form of advice


We hold no information in regard to any Council policies or directives blocking involvement in SQA duties.

Request no. 20351. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

School Attacks

Please provide the number of incidents of violence or aggression from pupils which have occurred against school support staff, particularly classroom and pupil support assistants, in the local authority area in 2017/18


Request no. 20354. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Building (Scotland) Act 2003 (Charging Orders) Regulations 2014

If the local authority has ever issued a Charging Order as per Building (Scotland) Act 2003 (Charging Orders) Regulations 2014?


I can advise that City of Edinburgh Council has not issued any orders under the above regulations since the legislation came into effect.

Request no. 20355. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Emergency Repairs

How many times in each of the following years has the local authority undertaken emergency repairs on residential properties 2012-2018.


Request no. 20359. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Language support

Do you provide language support in any specific languages (we will be looking to provide some core information in the top dozen or so languages used in Scotland)?


Request no. 20362. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Bridge Maintenance (2017/18)

How many road bridges are you responsible for maintaining? For the last financial year (2017/18) how many Principal Inspections have taken place How many General Inspections have taken place?


Completed questionnaire attached.


Request no. 20363. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 11/09/2018

CCTV Request

Newbridge roundabout


There are no City of Edinburgh Council public space cameras near the locus of the incident therefore no relevant CCTV data is stored on our system regarding your request.

Request no. 20368. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 23/11/2018

Contact Details

Can you tell me who is in charge of the Link PSL contract?

Request no. 20369. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Care Leavers

Information on those who would have been care leavers, 25 and under and still classified as care leavers 2017


Request no. 20370. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 05/10/2018

Agency Social Workers

Current percentage of social workers who are employed via a recruitment agency in children’s services and adult services, along with the raw figures (total number of social workers and total number who are agency social workers).


Request no. 20374. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

George Square Road/Pathway

All maintenance and full service report of the above described location All complaints made regarding the pathway


Request no. 20381. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Hawkhill Avenue

Any information, you may have regarding underground or aboveground fuel storage tanks


We have been unable to locate any information with regard to current or derelict petroleum stores at Hawkhill Avenue, Edinburgh.

Request no. 20382. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Contaminated land search - Hawkhill Avenue

Details of any former uses of the site or the immediate surrounding land which may have resulted in contamination of the site


Request no. 20383. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Dalry Road / Clifton Terrace

Information relating to the tram tracks north east bound on Dalry Road / Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh from May 2014 to date.


Request no. 20387. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Common Good Fund Asset Register

Please provide the date or dates these assets were placed on the Common Good Fund Asset Register, and, Please also provide complete documentary evidence of the full process and decision making


Neither of the properties mentioned appear on the draft Common Good Asset Register.

Request no. 20388. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 05/10/2018

Intranet queries

How many employees are working in the council? What is your annual IT budget? What is your annual Intranet budget?


Request no. 20389. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Learning disabilities

Can you tell me how many people with learning disabilities you currently look after/have legal responsibility for and are living in care homes?


Request no. 20390. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Nursery Meals

How much does Edinburgh council pay per child per meal to each of your Partner Provider nurseries?


The current cost for the provision of lunch for children entitled to free school meals is £2.20

Request no. 20391. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 18/10/2018

Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey

Could I please have data from the latest Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey for Edinburgh in GIS shapefile format? The link below shows pdf maps of the 2015 data for Edinburgh


Please find attached the following:

• 2017 vacant and derelict land survey for City of Edinburgh Council in shapefile format.

• Word document containing codes used in the shapefile.


Request no. 20392. Received: 06/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Common Good

Please provide a full description of the review process indicated in a number of City of Edinburgh Council public documents. Please advise on how this process is executed in a formal planning process where CEC asset disposal(s) are involved


Request no. 20393. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 29/10/2018

Homecare Hours

Hours per week provided by external homecare providers. Hours per week delivered by on and off contract providers


Request no. 20394. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Council Employees/Pension Contributions

The average, annual salary of council employees (£) during 2017-18. The above expressed as a Full-Time Equivalent. The average, annual employer’s/council’s contribution (£) per employee to the Lothian Pension Fund.


Request no. 20395. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Central Library

Please provide a copy of the ‘detailed proposals for the refurbishment of Central Library….by a joint project team from Services for Communities and City Development


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information requested as it is not held by the Council.

Request no. 20396. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Central Library

Please provide a copy of the full condition survey, and subsequent analysis, for the Central Library (George Washington Browne and Henderson [Bank] buildings) carried out in accordance with Scottish Government’s Core Facts Methodology


Request no. 20397. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 01/11/2018

Magdala Crescent and Eglinton Crescent

Details of any maintenance of the road surface over the last 5 years Details or log of any inspections to the road surface including details of how each inspection, if any, was carried out


Request no. 20398. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 31/10/2018

Cut back at the junction of Gogarstone and Glasgow Roads

Please provide all internal & external correspondence (including emails & social media) relating to requests for foliage to be cut back at the junction of Gogarstone and Glasgow Roads since 1st Jan 2017.


Request no. 20399. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Residential Planning Permissions

How many applications for planning permission did you receive for construction of a new external building at a property for residential purposes in the following timeframes? - 2015/16 - 2016/17 - 2017/18

Request no. 20400. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Litter/Waste Bins

How many public litter/waste bins do the council own? To make the distinction clear this is public litter/waste bins and not residential bins. Are the council responsible for emptying the bins or is this contracted to an external organization?


Request no. 20401. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Male and Female Staff

The total number of staff, total number of male and female staff? I would like to know the total number of hours of casual overtime worked, then this split in to what was worked by male and female staff?


Request no. 20402. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 05/10/2018

Council Staff

The names of the staff in the following roles, including email address and the address that they are located


Request no. 20403. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Affordable housing

A list of 'commuted sums' paid into Edinburgh Council by developers/landowners since 2013 The total amount of money generated in 'commuted sums' in the 2013-2018 period


Request no. 20404. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 01/11/2018


How many children the council is aware of that are currently being home-schooled on either a full-time or part-time basis?


Request no. 20409. Received: 05/09/2018, Resolved: 15/03/2019

Kinship funding

Information received regarding kinship childrens funding


Request no. 20410. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 13/11/2018

School Refuser and Home-School Statistics

How many children in your authority are currently home-schooled? If possible please break down into primary and secondary. How many children in your authority are currently classed as school refusers?


Request no. 20411. Received: 07/09/2018, Resolved: 05/10/2018

Road Maintenance Policy

Several questions regarding the Highway maintenance inspections and how defects are categorised.


Please see the attached Road Safety Inspection and Defect Categorisation - Edinburgh which has been in place since 01 April 2016.


Request no. 20415. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Social Work Structure

The name, contact number and office address details for each social work team and department within City of Edinburgh Council broken down by Adult Services, Children and Families Services, and Criminal Justice.


Request no. 20416. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Direct Labour Organisation - Stores (Housing)

Questionnaire on how the council operates its Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) stores


Information not held.

Request no. 20417. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 18/09/2018

CCTV request

Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird


The City of Edinburgh Council has no public space CCTV cameras with coverage of the area described and consequently we hold no data relating to the incident.

Request no. 20418. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018


Does the council pay to advertise with Facebook? If so, please provide a breakdown of the types of adverts and associated costs for years 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16 and 2014/15.


Request no. 20420. Received: 10/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Prince Regent Street

Any documentation reporting the accident Records of complaints or reporting of defects at the accident locus Any other documentation regarding investigations carried out


We have checked our records and can confirm that, as this is a privately/housing association owned property, we hold no information regarding the above. We suggest that you contact the Port of Leith Housing Association.

Request no. 20421. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 04/10/2018

Road Adoption Plan

Lochrin Place / Gilmore Place Lane, Edinburgh (MID122435)


Request no. 20424. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Water ingress

All information from Environmental Health department


Information provided

Request no. 20425. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Accident Records

RIDDOR Report. Any documents relating to the reporting of or responding to the incident. Any reports or documents relating to similar accidents at HSBC for the last 12 months.


We are unable to provide you with the information requested as it is not held by the Council.

Request no. 20426. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Planning Application Ref No 13/02024/AMC.

Request for a copy of the objection correspondence you received regarding Planning Application Ref No 13/02024/AMC.


Request no. 20428. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 04/12/2018

Communal Bins at Greenside Row

When should green cycle communal bins at Greenside Row be emptied? Are they contracted out or emptied by council employees? Please advise me from records when green cycle bin collections were made in the last six months at Greenside Row


Request no. 20429. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 16/01/2019

Employment details

What is the number and percentage of a) men and b) women currently employed in your local authority who work under zero-hours contracts between April 2011 to April 2018. Please break down the information by year.


No clarification received

Request no. 20430. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Software Licence Reviews

Further to previous request 20116: Can you also please let me know which company asked for the review and when?


I can advise that this was requested by IBM in September 2017.

Request no. 20431. Received: 12/09/2018, Resolved: 10/10/2018


All applications and all supporting documents for:- i) Advert Consents; ii) Conservation Area Consents; iii) Listed Building Consents; and iv) Planning Permissions.


Request no. 20434. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Council Budget for Pay

How much money your local authority had set aside for total pay for the financial year 2018/19 when your budget was set?


Request no. 20435. Received: 11/09/2018, Resolved: 09/10/2018

Damage to Craiglockhart Road

Copies of all reports/email communications and/or telephone notes in relation to the trees situated outside of Craiglockhart Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1HH between 1st January 2010 – 31 August 2018.


Request no. 20438. Received: 12/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Business rates collection

The value of business rates (national non-domestic rates) written off by the authority and the value of bills issued in the financial year 2013-18.


Request no. 20439. Received: 12/09/2018, Resolved: 21/09/2018

16-22 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AQ

Please can you provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of adoption of 16-22 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AQ.


Request no. 20440. Received: 12/09/2018, Resolved: 11/10/2018

School Structures 2017/18

The number of incidents at schools in 2017 and 2018, broken down for each year, involving either the collapse or partial collapse of a wall or structure, or a child or teacher being struck by a falling object.


Request no. 20441. Received: 13/09/2018, Resolved: 11/10/2018

Named Persons

Details of any school teachers who operate as named persons for more than 50 children, including the number of such teachers and the schools they are teaching at.


Request no. 20442. Received: 12/09/2018

P1 Assessments 2018

The number of parents contacting the local authority to opt their child out of P1 assessments in 2018.

Request no. 20443. Received: 13/09/2018, Resolved: 08/10/2018

Building Preservation Notices

A register confirming all commercial properties that have been subject to a Building Preservation Notice (in accordance to Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990) for the past 10 years.


We have served no notices on commercial properties in the last 10 years.

Request no. 20446. Received: 13/09/2018, Resolved: 11/10/2018

Bollards on Royal Mile - Trip accidents

i) Whether the risk of trip incidents was assessed before the bollards were installed


Request no. 20450. Received: 13/09/2018, Resolved: 11/10/2018

Council's New School Lets Policy

I would like to obtain any legal advice or other professional advice obtained by Edinburgh Council in relation to their new School lets policy.


Request no. 20452. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Meetings Between SEPA and Council Staff

Please provide agendas, notes and documents from meetings between SEPA and CEC staff, relating to 17/01183/FUL directly or indirectly.


Request no. 20453. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Statutory pre-school funded childcare entitlement

What percentage of eligible two year olds in the local authority accessed their statutory pre-school funded childcare?


Request no. 20454. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 11/10/2018

Changes to FOI E-mail Address

I understand the desire to encompass different schemes under the one banner, but why remove the forwarding of


Request no. 20455. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 03/01/2019

Road inspection and Repair

All road inspection and repaiir details for the last 3 years for roads: -- Lothian Road / A700 -- Bankhead Drive -- Western Approach road -- South Gyle Access


Revised request received - see 21598

Request no. 20456. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Probationer Teachers

Number of probationer teachers starting in August


Request no. 20457. Received: 12/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Port Edgar Yacht Club, South Queensferry

Any historic GI that the council may hold. We will also be looking for any historic land uses, that may have resulted in contamination.


Request no. 20465. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Road Safety Audit Report - Princes Street

Request for copies of the Road Safety Audit Reports and written responses


Request no. 20468. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 11/12/2018

Block Residents' Repair Recharges

I would like to know what the CEC has charged blocks of residents for work done by contractors.


Information is not available from readily-available resources held by the Council.

Request no. 20469. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Southhouse Broadway - Length of time vacant

How long have the properties 85 and 95 Southhouse Broadway been vacant?


Request no. 20470. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Parking Enforcement Contract

Request for copy of various documents


Request no. 20471. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Roofworks on 72 Redhall Crescent, EH14 2HD - Copies of correspondence

Request for copies of all correspondence between CEC & IKO regarding roof works on 72 Redhall Crescent, EH14 2HD, from Jan 18 to date.


Please see attached, an email extract regarding an exchange between CEC and IKO together with the photographs referred to.


Request no. 20472. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 18/09/2018

License Board meetings - SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

To request details of how many License Board meetings have been conveyed by:- 1. Mr N Work 2. Mr G Barrie


The information you seek is held by the Licensing Board who can be contacted at The Licensing Board, 249 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ.

Request no. 20473. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 16/11/2018

Council Salaries and Roles

Information on the total salary for each of the following per annum:- A Environment - 18/5/2014 to 27/7/2015. 1. Total salary per annum


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 20474. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 27/10/2018

Scottish Public Pensions Agency circular

What action did CEC take to inform such members of the changes affecting LR member/employees and when?


The Council updated our internal intranet in January 2017 to provide a link to the LGPS website, which holds the latest information on late retirement factors.

Request no. 20475. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Cluny Gardens

I wish to see the details of any complaints made about property in Cluny Gardens and any reports on the property for the last year to date.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information requested as it is not held by the Council.

Request no. 20477. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018


Provision of inspection records for Princes Street for 1 year prior to 12/8/18


Request no. 20479. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Northfield Drive - Consultation Results Report

Confirmation of date the report was produced plus other related information.


Request no. 20480. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018 12:02:00

LOON FUNG - 2 Warriston Edinburgh

I would like to know through the Freedom of Information Act, what food hygiene issues this premises have


Request no. 20481. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Warrender Park Crescent

Report regarding HMO


Information provided

Request no. 20483. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 20/09/2018

CCTV request

CCTV - Charlotte Square


At no point during the period checked was any CEC Public Space camera directed towards the locus and consequently I am afraid that we are unable to provide any material relating to this incident.

Request no. 20484. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Ladywell House, Ladywell Road, EH12 7TB

We would be grateful to know if the site has been prioritised for further investigation under the Council’s Contaminated Land Strategy


The site of interest has not been prioritised for inspection or further investigation under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


Request no. 20485. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Bus Lane violations at Little France Drive, Edinburgh

Since the establishment of the bus lane can you confirm the number of violations that have occurred to date of this enquiry. Can these please be set out in a year by year format?


Request no. 20486. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Gordon Street Grassed Area

Records of all repair requests for 13 Gordon Street received out for the 6 months prior to the accident.


Request no. 20489. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 05/11/2018

Quantity, type & speed of traffic in specified streets

FoDG are concerned in particular about the quantity, type and speed of the traffic within our area as specified further below, and its effects upon safety air and noise pollution.


Request no. 20490. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 21/11/2018

Additional Support for Learning Information

The number of Pupil Support Assistants within mainstream primary schools - over the last 5 years (broken down by year)


Request no. 20491. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 29/10/2018

Meadowbank Sports Centre

Could you please provide details on the Meadowbank Sports Centre - all facilities with capacities as of 2017 before the centre was closed


Request no. 20492. Received: 17/09/2018, Resolved: 15/01/2019

Disabled Bay Removals

How many disabled bays have the council taken away when the qualifying householder for whom the bay was installed moved out of the house in the last 5 years.


Closed - No fee received.

Request no. 20493. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

New Road Crossings

How many new road crossings have been built using a PV value of 0.3876 or less?


Request no. 20497. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Operation London Bridge

Reports or briefings on 'Operation London Bridge' prepared for the Chief Executive from 2017 and 2018


Information withheld under Section 30(c) – Prejudice to effective conduct of public affairs.

Request no. 20499. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 27/11/2018

Funding for schools in Edinburgh

I would like to receive details of funding given to all schools in the Edinburgh council area from parent fundraising activities and from parent council fundraising activities.


No clarification received

Request no. 20500. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Social Housing and Commercial Hotel Developments

Please provide details on how many units of social housing your local authority have started construction on in a) 2017/18, b) 2016/17, c) 2015/16


Request no. 20501. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Edinburgh Lamborghini, EH15 3HR

Details of underground services/utilities

Request no. 20508. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 21/09/2018

Accident on 20/07/18 - RIDDOR report

RIDDOR report - Any documentation reporting the accident - Documentation detailing the responding to the accident - Any accidents reported by the employer in the last 12 months


Information not held

Request no. 20509. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 23/11/2018

Data protection rules

If a Sherrifs officer comes to my office and asks me to confirm the occupant at a certain address , for council tax arrears . Am I obliged to give him that info or am I in breach of data protection laws .

Request no. 20511. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Business Rates

Full and up to date list of companies/businesses/charities that have become responsible for business rates between 1st-15th Sept 18


Request no. 20512. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

NP implementation

Is the council currently implementing the Scottish Government’s Named Persons policy, and if so, to what extent? For instance, are children currently assigned a Named Person? Are Named Persons currently receiving training?


Request no. 20513. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Teaching Post Advertising Costs

The amount spent on advertising teaching posts on job sites in each of the last three years.


Request no. 20514. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

School lunch food from abroad

The number of schools purchasing school lunch food from abroad (outside of the UK),


Request no. 20515. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 29/10/2018


The number of headteachers who are headteachers at more than 1 school concurrently.


Request no. 20517. Received: 18/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Supply teachers

The total amount spent on supply teachers for primary and secondary schools in each of the last three years.


Request no. 20519. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 18/10/2018

Social Care

The total number of hours of social care that went unmet the week beginning 10 September 2018 (i.e. hours that had been approved but went unmet between 10 and 16 September).


Request no. 20522. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Higher Award Achievements

The percentage of pupils at each school who receive: 1 Higher Award grade A-C, 3 Higher Award grades A-C, 5 Higher Award grades A-C.


Request no. 20523. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

School National 5 Awards

The percentage of pupils at each school who receive: 1 National 5 awards grade A-C, 3 National 5 awards grades A-C, 5 National 5 awards grades A-C.


Information is attached.


Request no. 20524. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 18/10/2018

Teacher Vacancies

The number of permanent teacher vacancies in primary and secondary schools on 20 September 2018, broken down by vacancies at primary and vacancies at secondary level.


Request no. 20525. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Inspection Records - Portobello

Type of inspection carried out on 15 March 2018 and 21 April 2017 in respect of a pavement at the end of Kings Place and the bottom of Kings Road in Portobello


15/03/18 - Walked inspection for King's Place
21/04/17 - there was no inspection on this date

Request no. 20526. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 16/11/2018

Midmar Drive, Edinburgh EH10.

Frequency of inspection of the road at Midmar Drive, Edinburgh EH10.


Request no. 20527. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Licensed Private Hire Operators

List of Licensed Private Hire Operators in and around Edinburgh

Request no. 20528. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Flyposting, graffiti & litter - REMOVAL OF

What actions have been taken by environmental wardens and other council staff over flyposting in the City this year?


Request no. 20529. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 06/02/2019

Isolation Booths in Schools

The number of schools within the authority which use isolation or consequence booths (also sometimes known as 'matrix room' booths).


Request no. 20530. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 25/09/2018

CCTV footage

Request for CCTV footage at Newbridge Roundabout on 18 Sept 2018.


The City of Edinburgh Council Public Space CCTV Section has no coverage of the roundabout and consequently we are unable to provide any data in relation to this incident.

Request no. 20532. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 25/10/2018

Elderly Care in Urban Communities

Reports and statistics for the past ten years on Services for Older People and the partnership between the Council and the Private/Voluntary Sector.


Request no. 20534. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

School Placing Requests

How many school placing requests (both primary and secondary) were received by The City of Edinburgh Council in each of the last 10 years?


Request no. 20538. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Gritting materials

The exact gritting materials that The City of Edinburgh Council use to grit roads, pavements and car parks.


Request no. 20539. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 27/09/2018

2015 Planning Enquiry

My concerns surrounding the on-going disturbances are related to the 2015 planning enquiry. What information do you hold on that as it is ALL related to harassment by venue.


Cancelled - Request not valid.

Request no. 20540. Received: 21/09/2018, Resolved: 19/10/2018

James Gillespie's Primary School Roofing Works

Whether risk assessments have been carried out on these works.


Request no. 20549. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 25/09/2018

Brexit planning

1. How much has been spent on external consultants or support to advise on the implications and consequences of brexit


Information Otherwise Accessible

Request no. 20550. Received: 21/09/2018, Resolved: 19/10/2018

Council Waste Sites

I would like to know which waste sites under Edinburgh City Council control need to have a Waste Activity manager.


Request no. 20551. Received: 21/09/2018, Resolved: 07/01/2019

Total spending upon additional staff & equipment

In the academic year 2017/18, what was the total spending by schools in the local authority to (a) employ additional staff


Request no. 20552. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

Holiday apartments in Edinburgh

How many holiday apartments in Edinburgh have been served planning notices to cease trading?


Request no. 20553. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 15/10/2018

Abercree Residential School/Unit, Newton Stewart Inquiry

Request access to all available information regarding this establishment and the subsequent investigation/inquiry. I would also like to access any information regarding the closure of this facility.


We have checked the Council’s Social Work Committee Minutes and the Reports of the Social Work Committee covering the period of the early 1980s. This is where the information would be held by the Council and no information was found.

Request no. 20554. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

Zebra Crossing

Regarding Arboretum Place linking the Botanic Gardens to Inverleith Park, there is a proposed zebra crossing to be built there. I'd like to know when this PV check was carried out and what the results of the PV evaluation were.


Request no. 20555. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 29/10/2018

Price and Sufficiency of Older People’s Care

Survey regarding price and sufficiency of older people’s care in your local authority.


Request no. 20556. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Data statistics about flytipping & other issues

Flytipping reports for Water of Leith walkway at Juniper green from 2000- 2015


Request no. 20564. Received: 19/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Parkgrove Crescent, Edinburgh - Repairs and related information

Confirmation that the roads and footpaths on Parkgrove Crescent have been adopted by the local authority


Request no. 20565. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

Setting-Up Home Allowance

Council's policy on what they will allow the Setting-Up Home Allowance for care leavers to be spent on.


Request no. 20566. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Accident on 14th December 2017

Can you please forward to us the traffic light sequence for this junction for review.

Request no. 20567. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

Street signage

How can I request the removal of street signage that I consider excessive?


Closed - Invalid Request

Request no. 20568. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 07/12/2018

Public care homes - Vacancies

1. Please provide the total number of current vacant posts at public care homes in your local authority.

Request no. 20569. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

Cleaning Job Roles

Please can you confirm the number of cleaning job roles across Edinburgh City Council? What is this as FTE?


Request no. 20571. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Greenbank Drive - Road Adoption Plan

Please can you provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of adoption of Greenbank Drive


Request no. 20572. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

Exclusion and Isolation

1/ The number of pupil enrolments (i.e. individual pupils) who were informally excluded at some stage in the past academic year (2017/18).


Cancelled - Please refer to 20529.

Request no. 20573. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 16/10/2018

Kitchen roles in Edinburgh Schools

Please can you provide the number of kitchen roles in Edinburgh Schools?


Request no. 20575. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Maintenance Inspection Policy

Please send an electronic copy or link to a published source of your authority's most recent highways maintenance inspection policy.


Request no. 20581. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Restaurants & Takeaways - Food Rating

How many restaurants or takeaways in your local authority have had a low or zero food rating due to a cockroach infestation over the past 12 months?


We presume your reference to “low or zero food rating relates to the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme which is only operated by local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Request no. 20582. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Disabled Parking Spaces

1) The number of disabled parking spaces available in your council area


Request no. 20583. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 22/10/2018

Noise nuisance

1) How many complaints did your council receive about noise nuisance in the years 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018


Request no. 20584. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 30/10/2018

Childcare Expansion Plans

When were your most up-to-date Early Learning and Childcare expansion plans (in relation to the implementation of 1140 hours), submitted to the Scottish Government?


6th March 2018

Request no. 20585. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 03/10/2018

Roads maintenance

A number of questions regarding Capital and Revenue spending on roads

Request no. 20586. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 31/10/2018

Bloomiehall Public Park & Juniper Park Road

Details of when the new gates were installed in Bloomiehall Public Park between 1980 and present and who paid for them.


Request no. 20587. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 26/09/2018

Planning enforcement cases

How many individual planning enforcement cases on short-term lets do you have open at the moment?

Request no. 20588. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Great Junction Street Maintenance Policy

A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road.


Request no. 20598. Received: 21/09/2018, Resolved: 24/10/2018

Council budget

The percentage of the total City of Edinburgh Council budget that was used to pay pensions to all entitled persons


Request no. 20599. Received: 24/09/2018, Resolved: 20/12/2018

Property Maintenance Works

For the periods 1/9/2015 to 13/11/2016 and 18/1/2018 to 24/9/2018 please provide all records held by South West Locality and Housing Property Services in relation to my property.


Information provided under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Request no. 20603. Received: 25/09/2018, Resolved: 23/10/2018

Northfield Broadway

Maintenance, repairs and full service reports of the ground outside the Royal High Primary School from January 2016 to December 2017


Request no. 20614. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 20/11/2018

Shared garden at 2 Northfield Drive

We request all documentation held by you from 6 January 2017 to present day, relating to: Records of inspection for the garden at 2 Northfield Drive, Edinburgh, EH8 7RR. Maintenance Records


Information not held.

Request no. 20615. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 24/10/2018

Gracemount Drive

Records of inspection of the pathway carried out from 25/09/2014 to date Confirm the frequency of inspection carried out from 25/09/2014 to date


Request no. 20616. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 21/11/2018

Fire Prevention

The number of schools operating without compulsory fire prevention measures in 2018. The number of schools without a sprinkler system in operation at the start of the 2018/19 school year.


Request no. 20617. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 21/11/2018

Teacher Subjects

The number of teachers in local authority schools who are teaching a separate subject from what they are qualified to teach e.g. a teacher qualified to teach Physics who is teaching English.


None. All teachers in Edinburgh are governed by the GTCS code of registration and only teach subjects according to their qualifications.

Request no. 20618. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 29/11/2018

Taxis for Pupils

The number of pupils taking taxis to other schools to sit or take National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher courses, including their original school and the school they travel to, and the amount the taxis cost on a weekly basis.


Request no. 20619. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 17/10/2018

Asbestos in Schools

The number of schools in the local authority that contain asbestos, and the last time asbestos at each of those schools was inspected for its safety.


Request no. 20620. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 23/11/2018

D grades

The percentage of pupils at each school receiving a National 5 grade D in the most recent school year, broken down by each school and stage, if possible.


Please see attached. Note, there may be some pupils who have received more than one grade D.


Request no. 20621. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 19/12/2018

Waste contracts

Information on your waste contracts so we can be prepared for future tender opportunities

Request no. 20627. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 05/11/2018

Investigating and Raising Enforcement Action

Cost to the council of Investigating and raising an enforcement action regarding a self catering unit in Edinburgh Cost to the council for entering into the appeal procedure


Information not held.

Request no. 20628. Received: 26/09/2018, Resolved: 04/12/2018

Nursery Snack/Resource Funds in City of Edinburgh schools

Is there a council-wide policy on charging for snack/resources? Is it up to individual schools as to what they charge? Which nursery schools/nursery classes within primary schools charge parents for snack/resources, and which do not?


Request no. 20629. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 29/10/2018


Since 1 October 2017 to date- how many people known to the authority as statutory homeless have died.


Request no. 20630. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 26/10/2018

Giles Street

All property inspection reports, property void reports, repairs requests and repairs reports related to the Council tenancy at 7/6 Giles Street, Edinburgh EH6 6DJ for the last five years.


Information Provided


Request no. 20631. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 07/12/2018

Residual Waste and Recycling Collections

What frequency are residual waste and recycling collections made in your Authority? Are collections for residual waste and recycling made separately or together?


Request no. 20632. Received: 28/09/2018, Resolved: 18/12/2018

Roxburgh Place

How many times has Information Rights Officer 4 returned information regarding 'Roxburgh Place's concerns back to sender advising this is not under Freedom of information from 2013?


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 20633. Received: 28/09/2018, Resolved: 26/10/2018

Junior and Senior Planners

Can you confirm how many Senior Planners are involved in decision-making processes on each case? Can you confirm how many Junior Planners are involved in decision-making processes on each case?


Request no. 20634. Received: 28/09/2018, Resolved: 26/10/2018

Asbestos level in schools in Edinburgh

I would like to find out about the asbestos level in schools in Edinburgh, esp St Mary’s RC Leith.


Request no. 20635. Received: 28/09/2018, Resolved: 19/10/2018

1 Tanfield, Edinburgh, EH3 5DA

Environmental Assessment


Request no. 20637. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 25/10/2018

Adult day centres

How many adult day centres currently operate in your local authority area? How many adult day centres have closed in your local authority area in the last ten years (year by year breakdown)?


Request no. 20638. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 25/10/2018

Taxicard Refunds

I would like to request a breakdown of the figures by month provided in a previous FOI response (20216). (previous response outlined below). I would also request that monthly figures be provided from 2012 onward.


Request no. 20639. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 23/11/2018

Tenement Building Defects - Make Safe

On how many occasions have you taken immediate action to make safe a building defect in relation to a tenement property which may be causing a danger or health and safety concern to the residents or the public 2013-2018


Request no. 20640. Received: 28/09/2018, Resolved: 10/12/2018

Asbestos removal

I would like to know the amount the council has spent on removing asbestos in council-owned schools during the last five financial years.


We are not going to provide the detailed information because the request falls into the category of a “manifestly unreasonable request under regulation 10(4)(b) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations. We are not obliged to respond.

Request no. 20648. Received: 20/09/2018, Resolved: 18/10/2018

Request for desktop information - Hatton Mains, Edinburgh

Would The City of Edinburgh Council have any information pertinent to our investigation such as environmental, mining or historical SI for example?


No site investigation records are held in relation to Hatton Mains, Edinburgh.

Request no. 20714. Received: 14/09/2018, Resolved: 12/10/2018

Road maintenance policy & repair history - WEST GRANTON ROAD

A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road. Inspection records for the past year


Request no. 20802. Received: 27/09/2018, Resolved: 25/10/2018

Charlotte Square Parking Fines

The number of notices of penalty charge which were issued in that parking zone on that date during 2018 and also the equivalent date on 2017.


Request no. 21003. Received: 22/09/2018, Resolved: 29/11/2018

Council Tax services

Request for the exact list of services that my council tax is used for on the private area Hesperus Crossway


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