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Request no. 11923. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Repairs at 1 Dunsyre House North

All records, notes and information held in relation to any dampness, disrepair or improvements works reported or carried out at Flat 11/1 Dunsyre House North, 33 Calder Crescent between 1st May 2014 to the 1st July 2016


Please refer to the attached documents.


Request no. 11931. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Environmental Health Search - Glasshouse, Edinburgh

Has the site been identified for inspection or further review under the Council's Contaminated Land Strategy (or other Part IIA undertaking)? Contamination issues. Details of any current or former landfills


Request no. 11935. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 07/07/2016

Children in care - Obesity

The number of children that have been taken into local authority care (looked after children) during 2014 to 2016 to date, where over-feeding/high BMI/obesity (or similar) was cited as a factor factor in the decision to remove the child


Excessive cost. We are not aware of any instances where a child has been taken into care with the primary reason for the care order being obesity. Therefore, each file would need to be reviewed to find if obesity was an issue in the decision.

Request no. 11937. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 11/07/2016

Residential and Commercial Developments identified and in planning

Commercial and residential developments within your authority.


Request no. 11938. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Licensed Wedding Venues in the United Kingdom

List of approved premises


The legislation in Scotland no longer requires venues to be approved by the Local Authority to hold civil ceremonies therefore we do not record this information.

Request no. 11939. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Food Sources

Where the local authority sources food from for the hospitals and schools in its area.


Request no. 11940. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016


How many reported incidents of bullying of pupils have been made to the council’s schools over the last five academic years. How many reported incidents of cyber bullying. How many requests were made for a pupil to change schools


Request no. 11942. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Domestic waste/recycling bins

Information regarding staff to monitor what householders put in domestic waste/recycling bins.


Request no. 11943. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Data informing the Roseburn to Leith Walk Cycle Track Consultation Report

Data collected by the Council that was used to inform the Roseburn to Leith Walk Cycle Track Consultation Report.


Please see the attached PDF in response to your request.


Request no. 11944. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Prudential Indicators of Capital Expenditure

Copy of your authority’s latest report, setting out your prudential indicators, and your assessment of your authority’s capital investment policy against these indicators


Please refer to the attached Capital Prudential Indicators document with explanatory notes.


Request no. 11945. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Bus shelter on Buccleuch Street

Information regarding JCDecaux being awarded the contract


Request no. 11946. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 09/09/2016

Gender Recording in Schools

The number of children that have indicated an unassigned gender in their primary school preference in each year since 2014. Do you have an information/reporting policy/guidance/management documents that includes classification


No clarification received

Request no. 11947. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Hoax Calls To Schools

How many hoax calls have schools received? How many times have schools been evacuated as a result of a hoax call? Can you provide a breakdown of each school affected including name of school


Information not provided. We do not hold a central register relating to hoax calls in schools.

Request no. 11948. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Elderly adult care/nursing home safeguarding concerns, investigations, etc..

Number of Safeguarding concerns received. Number of Investigations conducted. Outcome of the investigations conducted. (e.g. substantiated, not substantiated, partially substantiated, etc.)


Request no. 11949. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Water abstractions

geo-environmental site assessments of the following four primary schools: - St Margaret’s Primary School - Stockbridge Primary School - Trinity Primary School - Victoria Primary School


I can advise that the Council is unaware of any abstractions within the requested areas.

Request no. 11951. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Street Trader licence 300599

All information held by the Council in respect of Street Trader licence 300599 (West Lay by Arboretum Place, EH3 5NZ)


Request no. 11952. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Fixed Term or Temporary Employment Contracts terminated

How many Fixed Term or Temporary Employment Contracts were terminated between 1 January 2016 and 31 March 2016.


Request no. 11953. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (1)

Please provide the number of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children within the responsibility of your local authority as of March 31st 2016 and their gender, age and nationality (as deemed by the local authority)?


Request no. 11954. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (2)

Within your local authority, what is the timeframe within which the initial age assessment of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people is completed?


Request no. 11955. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

Spend on External Consultants

Council’s annual spend on external consultants for each year from 2012 to date.


Request no. 11956. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Framework agreements/contracts

Suppliers who applied for inclusion on each framework/contract below and were successful & not successful at the PQQ & ITT stages. Contract values of each framework/contract (& any sub lots), year to date. Start date & duration of framework


Request no. 11957. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Bilingual (English, Gàidhlig) or trilingual policy

Can you tell me if the Council has a bilingual (English, Gàidhlig) or trilingual policy (English, Gàidhlig, Scots) and whether it would be possible to receive a copy of your policy?


Request no. 11958. Received: 01/07/2016, Resolved: 26/07/2016

Accident - Hailesland Place

RIDDOR Report. Any other documentation. Investigations carried out. Documents including the reporting of ot the responding to this accident.


We have no record of an accident report nor of a complaint being received in connection with a work related accident at Hailesland Place, Edinburgh on 29 January 2015.

Request no. 11959. Received: 05/07/2016, Resolved: 05/08/2016

Business Rates

Can you confirm the number of properties and total of rateable values? Description Property Postcode Billing Address Postcode Rateable Value Net Charge Start Date

Request no. 11960. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Credit Notes processed against invoices

How many customers have explicitly requested their credit notes during the last financial year? Copy of Building Surveying document


Request no. 11963. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Call volumes for the Waste & Environmental department

When the call volume increased and the recorded message went onto the phone lines advising customers of the call volumes.

Request no. 11965. Received: 05/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Copy of report 'Commissioned Services and the Living Wage'

Commissioned Services and the Living Wage


Please refer to the attached document.


Request no. 11966. Received: 05/07/2016, Resolved: 07/07/2016

Ward by ward referendum data

A breakdown on a ward by ward basis of the results of the EU referendum in your local authority.


Request no. 11967. Received: 05/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Phone mast access/rental agreements

A copy of all rental and/or access agreements for council owned land relating to mobile phone masts that have been active over the last 10 years. A breakdown of yearly income


Request no. 11968. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Edinburgh Blue Police Box at Geddes Gardens

Is Council likely to market this as a rental unit or will it be kept as an unused box in the garden?


There is no intention to advertise this box for sale or lease on the open market. This police box at Geddes Gardens was initially sold to the Council in connection with the use of the Geddes Gardens, which the Council owns.

Request no. 11969. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Charging Orders / Bankruptcy Orders

In cases of taxpayers with council tax arrears, how many times has the council has applied for: 1. Charging orders 2. Bankruptcy orders


Request no. 11970. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Council's Monetary Deficit

What the Council’s monetary deficit is standing at now


Request no. 11971. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

NDR properties

STARTDATE & NETCHARGE for the following NDR properties


Request no. 11973. Received: 05/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Business rates

Can you please supply information in relation to business rates new liabilities for the period 7th June to 30th June 2016


Request no. 11975. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Atholl Place

Inspections of the area carried out from December 2016 to June 2016


Request no. 11978. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Revenues & Benefits System

What Revenues & Benefits System does the council use? How many users access the system across the council? When did the contract commence and when will it expire?


Request no. 11980. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Finance and Resources Committee - Cost of Care at Home

Para. 3.3. which states that council officers have modelled the costs of care with a view to arriving at a sustainable rate.


Please see the attached PDF in response to your request.


Request no. 11982. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Dog fouling

How many fines did your local authority hand out for dog fouling? How many reports of dog fouling were received by your local authority? What was the total value of fines handed out? What was the average amount of revenue?


Request no. 11984. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Shandon Place EH14

The stretch between Shand on Street and Slateford Road


Request no. 11985. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016

Shandon Place EH14

West side heading northwest towards Slateford Road. Stretch approximately 10 metres from Slateford Road to 40 metres from Slateford Road.


Request no. 11986. Received: 06/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Junction between West Harbour Road and Oxcraig Street

Information including sight of any written or electronic communication detailing maintenance and full service reports of the roadway at the above described location


Request no. 11987. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

Property and communal path at 28 Lochend Avenue

Copies of inspection records from January 2015 until present. Details of any works carried out on the communal path from January 2015 until present. Details of any complaints made


Request no. 11988. Received: 04/07/2016, Resolved: 26/07/2016

Dynamic Earth

Copies of all notices served by City of Edinburgh Council Environmental Health Department on Dynamic Earth between 1 January 2013 and now requiring action to be taken relating to safety issues on the amphitheatre at the front of Dynamic Earth.


Response in part. This is still under investigation.


Request no. 11990. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Plastic recycling

Annual review of household plastic collections


Request no. 11991. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Footpath at 2 Forth View Avenue

All inspections of the locus from 4 September 2014 to date. All repairs carried out at the locus either on or on behalf of the Council from 4 September 2014 to date.


Request no. 11992. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 16/09/2016

NDR Relief Details

A total of 3,527 NDR properties were listed with a rateable value greater than £37,999. Please provide details.


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 11993. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

Lorne Street CCTV Footage

20th May 2016 around 12.50pm


Footage is stored on our hard drives for 14 days from the day of recording thereafter is it automatically deleted unless set aside beforehand. No footage from the camera had been set aside.

Request no. 11994. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 15/07/2016

Highways and Road Maintenance Contract Agreements

Surface maintenance of Roads Roadside and drainage maintenance Shoulder and approaches maintenance Bridges maintenance Traffic service

Request no. 11995. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 18/07/2016

Vision Screening 4-5 year olds (C)

The latest figures relating to vision screening in schools

Request no. 11996. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

A copy of your policy or procedure on No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)? copy of your policy or procedure for conducting human rights assessments for deciding whether to support to immigration control who have a NRPF condition?


Request no. 11997. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 04/08/2016 10:21:00

Provision of adult literacies learning by the Council from 2007 – 2015

How many adult literacies learners engaged with literacy classes, i.e. adult literacy and numeracy learning, each year, for the nine years commencing in 2007 and finishing in 2015?


Request no. 11998. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

Surface on Old Dalkeith Road

Inspection records regarding the surface on Old Dalkeith Road. Details of any complaints received about this stretch of road. Information as to when the council became aware of the pothole


Please refer to the attached documents.


Request no. 11999. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Children at Risk

How many children did the child and social services department have contact with in 2015 where the child was in the care of social services and at risk of: a) child &/or forced marriage? b) honour-based violence? c) female genital mutilation?


This information is not held centrally and up to 4900 records would need to be reviewed manually to extract the information.

Request no. 12001. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

TTRO linked to filming in Eglinton Crescent 15th July 2016

Is T2S Production’s claim to have such a TTRO correct? Was any consultation carried out with all local residents? Did the Council check that the firm company needed all of the parking in Glencairn Crescent?


Request no. 12002. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Castlegreen Care Home, 160 Greendykes Road, Craigmillar, Edinburgh EH16 4ES

Number of Safeguarding concerns received from or in connection with the above named home from all sources (the home itself, family, hospital, etc) Number of Investigations. Outcome of the investigations. Number of Deaths.


Request no. 12003. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Gilmerton Care Home 9 Moredunvale Road, Gilmerton, Edinburgh EH17 7QU

Number of Safeguarding concerns received from or in connection with the above named home from all sources. Number of Investigations conducted. Outcome of the investigations. Number of Deaths.


Request no. 12004. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Guthrie House Care Home 12 Lasswade Road, Edinburgh EH16 6RZ

Number of Safeguarding concerns received from or in connection with the above named home from all sources. Number of Investigations conducted. Outcome of the investigations. Number of Deaths.


Request no. 12005. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

Complaints received about the Social Work Department

Number of complaints received about the Social Work Department 2011 to 2015


Request no. 12006. Received: 07/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

Confirmation of the address of an Edinburgh Taxi Driver

Confirmation of the address of an Edinburgh Taxi Driver


Request no. 12007. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Training and Licence Qualifications

Training and Licence Qualifications of the Officer currently providing Driver Training at your Passenger Operations function based at Peffer Place


We can confirm that the post holder meets the essential criteria for the post and is therefore deemed compliant.

Request no. 12008. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Private Hire Vehicles

As of today's date I would like to know how many Private Hire Vehicles are currently licensed by CEC and how many more applications have been received and are at some point in the application process.


Request no. 12009. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016


Cost to Edinburgh City Council for nursery education placement per pupil in every special school for the past five years including session 2016-2017. Primary education placement. Secondary education placement


Please see the attached PDF in response to your question above.

Request no. 12010. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

Inspection records for the bus stop area around 23-27 Leith Street

Inspection records for the bus stop area around 23-27 Leith St, Edinburgh EH1 3AT. In particular the area where the pipe runs from 'The Access Point' to the pavement.


Request no. 12013. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Temporary Traffic Lights - Broughton Road

Dates from 1 January 2013 to 12 July 2016 on which temporary traffic lights have been in operation on the stretch of Broughton Road.


Request no. 12014. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 22/07/2016

St Andrews Square

Annual costs of maintaining the grassed areas of St Andrews Square in Edinburgh

Request no. 12016. Received: 08/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

CCTV Request

06/07/2016 at 09:30 AM, on A89/M9 Roundabout, Glasgow Rd/Old Liston Rd, Newbridge


There are no City of Edinburgh Council public space cameras near the locus of the incident therefore no relevant CCTV data is stored on our system regarding your request.

Request no. 12017. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 04/08/2016

HR/Payroll System and Systems Team

Name of the HR/Payroll system that you use (e.g. Oracle, iTrent etc.). Do you have a Systems Team responsible for the HR/Payroll System?


Request no. 12018. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 28/09/2016

Troubled Families Programme

Information regarding the Troubled Families Programme and Multi Agency Hub


Clarification Request Closed (No response)

Request no. 12019. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 16/09/2016

Commercial Properties under City of Edinburgh Council control

Request for a list of All Occupied Commercial properties under Edinburgh City Council control


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 12021. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Roads Maintenance Budgets

The roads maintenance budget for each local authority area in Scotland for the last 5 fiscal years (2011-12 – 2016-17) in real terms and as a percentage of the total transport budget


Request no. 12022. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Smoking in HMO, temporary accommodation

What is the law regarding smoking in our building which is an HMO used by the City of Edinburgh Council for temporary accommodation?


Request no. 12024. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Civic Receptions

- The total cost the council of all civic receptions held since July 1, 2013 - Details of each civic reception


Request no. 12025. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

Dangerous Wild Animals Act

• Whether you have a current Dangerous Wild Animals Act licence on file for Thomas or Tommy Chipperfield • A copy of the DWA licence • Copies of any inspection reports and correspondence


Request no. 12026. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Councillors' clothing allowances since April 6, 2013

The total amount spent by the local authority on councillors' clothing allowances since April 6, 2013. - The names of any councillors entitled to a clothing allowance. An itemised list of all clothing purchased


The Council do not have a general clothing allowances for councillors therefore there is nothing to report/record.

Request no. 12027. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Foster Care Allowances

Please could you tell me your 2016-17 weekly foster care allowance, broken down by age group.

Request no. 12028. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

North Merchiston Care Home 34 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh EH11 1HF

Number of Safeguarding alerts/concerns received from or in connection with the above named home from all sources. Number of Investigations conducted. Outcome of the investigations. Number of Deaths


Request no. 12029. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

'Prevent' duty and schools

Details of any school pupils referred to Police Scotland, or other relevant authorities identified in the Act, between 1 July15 and 13 July16. A breakdown of the number of primary and secondary school teachers. copy of implementation plan.


Request no. 12033. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

School Places

Number of primary age and, separately, secondary age children in the local authority who are due to start school in September but are currently without a school place. Please provide comparable figures for the previous three years.


Request no. 12034. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Additional Recycling Bin

Is there any criteria for a resident to get an extra bin to allow the occupants to recycle? If so what is it and does it cost the resident money?


Request no. 12038. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Cycle lanes on Gilmerton Road/housing associations tenant complaints

Painting costs? Which budget did this come out of? Why was segregated cycle lanes not considered? How many segregated cycle lanes on the roads are there in Edinburgh? How many complaints of homophobia have been made


Request no. 12039. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 16/09/2016

OTs, Coordinators and Assessors

1) Names, Email Addresses and Office Location of all Social Workers, OTs 2) Names, Email Addresses and Office Location of all Care Coordinators, Assessors 3) Names, Email Addresses and Office Locations


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 12040. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 19/07/2016

Bed Spaces + Bed Room

Information regarding Bed Rooms, Bed Spaces available and used in calculating RV for Hotels, Hostels, Guest Houses, Self Catering Units, Serviced Appartments, and any other types of tourist accommodation?

Request no. 12041. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Telephone Call handlers

The number of telephone call handlers employed to deal with either Council Tax or benefits enquiries over the past five calendar years


From 14/07/2011 to date, there has been 92 staff working as call handlers employed to deal with either Council Tax or benefits enquiries.

Request no. 12042. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 08/08/2016

Council Tax/Business Rates

Council Tax /Business Rates Annual Billing is outsourced and if so, who to? If yes, when is this contract up for renewal? Please confirm if your printing for Council Tax / Business Rates Daily / Ad Hoc Billing is outsourced and if so, who to?


All print work for these services are delivered via CGI.

The contract is due for renewal on 31/3/23 although we can extend for a further 12 years.

Request no. 12043. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Waterleak - Longstone Street

Details in regards to the cause of the leak


Request no. 12044. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 17/08/2016

Repair, maintenance and inspection of Murrayfield Stadium

Information regarding the repair, maintenance and inspection of Murrayfield Stadium


Request no. 12045. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016


Does your authority have a recruitment contract with Jobs go Public - If so what is the annual cost, and renewal date. Does your authority have a recruitment contract with the Guardian. Do you use a recruitment agency?


Request no. 12046. Received: 15/07/2016, Resolved: 31/08/2016 14:13:00

Bullying at Work

How many official complaints of harassment and bullying at work did you receive between the 1st April 2009 and the 31st December 2015? How many of these complaints were upheld in favour of the complainant?


Request no. 12047. Received: 15/07/2016, Resolved: 10/08/2016

Sites classed as “brownfield land

Where development has not started (i.e. where applicable a NOTIFICATION OF INITIATION OF DEVELOPMENT has not been received by the planning authority). Broken down by ward name/identifier, or administrative name, or plot name:


Request no. 12048. Received: 15/07/2016, Resolved: 21/07/2016 14:34:00

Properties in EH15 3RD


Request no. 12049. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Council Tax

How many properties in Edinburgh, which would normally be liable for council tax purposes, were unfurnished and unoccupied for over 1 year but under 2 years during the council tax years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 and the current financial year?


Request no. 12052. Received: 13/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Pavement at the top of Elm Row

Information including sight of any written or electronic communication detailing all maintenance and full service reports of the roadway at the above described location. Complaints made. Records of inspections


Request no. 12053. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 02/09/2016

Escape of Water at Eildon Terrace, Edinburgh

Please provide us with copies of your records/reports in relation to this incident. Please advise whether you were able to identify where the leak emanated from in the property?


Please refer to the following attached document:

EDIR 12053 Information_Redacted


Request no. 12054. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016

Morningside Place

Info regarding Job Number 3005423, carried out on 02/07/2015


Request no. 12055. Received: 12/07/2016, Resolved: 01/09/2016

Missing grate cover outside Tesco Express, 158 Causewayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1PR

Copy inspection records for the premises. Copy maintenance records. Copy accident book entry relating to our client's accident. Copy accident book entries for similar accidents. Record of complaints. Photographs and/or footage


Request no. 12058. Received: 15/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Leven Street/Glengyle Terrace

Do you hold any information as to reports or complaints as to the state of gardens or similar. Is there any neighbourhood watch group which covers this area which this could refer to


No information held. The police may hold information in regard to Neighbourhood Watch.

Request no. 12059. Received: 16/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Domestic Flights

A copy of your organisation's travel and accommodation policy? Any specific policies relating to staff traveling by air? The total number of trips taken in the past 12 months involving a domestic flight?


Request no. 12060. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 28/09/2016

Contractors and suppliers

A list of contractors and supplies to the council for the period 2014 /2015 with a sum no less than GBP 500 per contractor /supplier


Closed, no clarification received

Request no. 12061. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Sbbs, Disabled, Charity, Discretionary, etc etc

How many NDR subjects by Description in Rates


Request no. 12062. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Edinburgh Police boxes for sale/rent

Information for any of the owners

Request no. 12063. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Recycling of materials

How your organisation deals with recycling of materials collected from households and businesses. Including what particular types of materials are recycled and which are not.


Request no. 12064. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Murano House, Amphia Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5FL

Contaminated Land Searches


Request no. 12065. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 10/08/2016

Shrub House, 7 Shrub Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4PD

Contaminated Land Searches


Request no. 12066. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

People who have died with no known next of kin

Details of anyone who has died with no known next of kin from 1/2/2016 to the day of your reply


Request no. 12067. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

Statutory Notice - Broughton Road

All communications and notes, all information held regarding works carried out against my property in 2008


Request no. 12068. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

CCTV footage

Where the A7 northbound meets the roundabout for the Cameron Toll shopping centre, at the traffic lights.


There are no City of Edinburgh Council public space cameras near the locus of the incident therefore no relevant CCTV data is stored on our system regarding your request.

Request no. 12070. Received: 14/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Food Premises Registration

Information regarding whether specific businesses are registered


Please see the attached table for information based on your list of premises:


Request no. 12071. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 17/08/2016

Council Corporate Debt Policy

Further information following on from edir:11820


Request no. 12072. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Pupil attainment data

Full pupil attainment data collected in May/June 2016. Please provide this information at both an authority and school-by-school level.


Request no. 12073. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Repair and maintenance of stair lighting service

How was this consultation conducted in what format and with whom? Where can I see the responses?

Request no. 12074. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 01/09/2016

Parliament House and the Laigh Hall

Information contained in any costs of legal work or advice in any steps taken or legal action undertaken by the City of Edinburgh Council relating to attempts to recover the titles to Parliament House and the Laigh Hall.


Request no. 12075. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Repair, refurbishment or renovation work undertaken at the Laigh Hall, Parliament House

Information contained in any information relating to repair, refurbishment or renovation work undertaken at the Laigh Hall, Parliament House


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information requested as it is not held by the Council.

Request no. 12076. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

Support services for adult and young carers

What support services the Local Authority recipient of this request currently provides for adult and young carers.


Request no. 12077. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 10/08/2016

Guthrie Street

Records of all inspections carried out for Guthrie Street, Edinburgh from 26.12.14 to 30.06.16. Records of all repairs and other works carried out. Records of any reports made to you in relation to the condition.


Request no. 12078. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 25/07/2016

Investigation by Vulnerable Adults Board

Report on the investigation by Vulnerable Adults Board on the treatment my mother received after her fall at St Margarets Care Home .


Cancelled by applicant.

Request no. 12080. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 12/08/2016

Locum Social Workers

Please state the number of full time equivalent social workers that were locum, agency or otherwise temporary members of staff who were working for your local authority as of June 1st in i) 2015 ii) 2016

Request no. 12081. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 22/07/2016 11:11:00

fDi's Global Cities of the Future

FDI Strategy category of the ranking, using the survey attached to this email

Request no. 12082. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 17/08/2016

Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997

And subsequently contained within all Notices/Orders


I can confirm that the Council has no outstanding notices and orders under the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997.

Request no. 12083. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 17/08/2016

Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure)(Scotland) Act 1947

Subsequently contained within all Notices/Orders


I can confirm that the Council has no outstanding notices and orders under the Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure)(Scotland) Act 1947.

Request no. 12084. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 and Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

All Notices/Orders


We have checked our records and can confirm that we have no information under these sections of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 which meets the above criteria.

Request no. 12085. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Compensation payments

In the past five years (either 2011 until present or financial years 2011-12 to 2015-16), how much has your local authority paid to council employees (including, full-time, part-time and contract workers) in compensation?


Request no. 12087. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 06/09/2016

Income Disregards for Non Residential Social Care Charging Policy

Please provide the 2015-16 weekly Income Disregard Levels for Single People (Younger), Couples (Younger), Single People (Older), Couples (Older) in respect of your local authority’s Charging Policy for Non Residential Social Care.


Request no. 12088. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 09/11/2016

NPS Edinburgh

The number of permanent exclusions of pupils from schools in your local authority area for incidents relating to New Psychoactive Substances


Clarification Request Closed (No response)

Request no. 12089. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

CCTV Footage

Grassmarket on the 13th July at approximately 1.30


We have reviewed the footage from the nearby public space CCTV cameras and I am afraid there are no images relevant to your enquiry. I am sorry we have not been able to assist you on this occasion.

Request no. 12090. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Parking attitudes survey

To look at the relationship between parking and loading enforcement, compliance with regulations, and people’s attitudes to parking enforcement


Request no. 12091. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 11/08/2016

Business Rate information

New list reflecting business rates credits for 2016


The report at the following link was run and published in May 2016. Unfortunately, the header was not updated and we have requested that this amended. A new list will be published in September 2016.

Request no. 12092. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Housing, fraud and memberships



Please see the attached questionnaire in response to your request.

Request no. 12093. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Statutory Notice - 72 Redhall Crescent

Could you please provide me with any documents pertaining to the evidence of Asbestos during the works Nov 07 to July 08.


Please refer to documents previously issued in response to request ref 4839. Items I-1, I-2, I-8, I-19 and reference 5570 Item 1.

Request no. 12094. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Public Sector Childcare

How many nurseries and other childcare providers, contracted by the Local Authority, offer statutory pre-school funded childcare places out with the school term time


Request no. 12095. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

School meals provision

Is there a main contract? If so, which caterer provides the main contract? What is the term of the contract? What percentage of FRESH produce is used in the meals?


Request no. 12097. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

Use of physical restraint in schools and education settings

How many incidents of physical restraint were recorded in all schools and education settings in each of the last four years. How many incidents of face down physical restraint by one or more members of staff


Request no. 12098. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Pokémon Go

Details (date/location/summary) of any complaints to the council involving the game Pokémon Go between 1 July 2016 and 21 July 2016. Electronic copies of any correspondence


We do not hold this information.

Request no. 12099. Received: 20/07/2016, Resolved: 07/10/2016

Peniel Road West Lothian Between the A89 and the Winchburgh Canal

A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road. A copy of the road repair history for that road over the past year


Request no. 12100. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016


Do you manage your own parking enforcement or do you outsource it? What is the approximate value of your Enforcement Software Contract? How many Civil Enforcement Officers do you employ?


Request no. 12101. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Named Person Training

Can you tell me please how long the training will take / has taken for people becoming Named Persons (before the legislation kicks in and they actually take on the role)?


Request no. 12102. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 10/08/2016

Ratho Station Desk Study

Any historic Geotechnical Information that the council may hold, any historic land uses that may have resulted in contamination being issued to the soils or water environment on site, included buried infrastructure (e.g. buried Fuel Tanks).


Request no. 12103. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Carriageway between the junction of Peffermill Rd / Kings Haugh and Peffermill Road / Dryborough Crescent

When the last inspection was made of the carriageway, Peffermill Road between the junctions with Kings Haugh and Dryborough Crescent. How the inspection was carried out. A list of defects noted. A list of inspections


Request no. 12104. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Business Rates

Details of the credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates.

Request no. 12105. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 05/10/2016

Social services employees

The number of social services employees who are service user / patient facing: Can you provide a breakdown to this: - Care at home staff - Primarily office based staff e.g. social workers, occupational therapists etc


Closed, no clarificaton received

Request no. 12110. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 26/08/2016 11:13:00

Public footpath on Provost Milne Grove, South Queensferry Adjacent to house number 18

Details of all complaints /accidents reported from 1st January 2014 to date. Details of the findings of any inspections. Details of maintenance and re-surfacing. Details of your maintenance contractors and records.


Request no. 12111. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Request CCTV footage West Approach Road onto Lothian Road

08:30 the morning of 21/07/2016


No information held

Request no. 12112. Received: 21/07/2016, Resolved: 22/07/2016 12:23:00

(18A) Chesser Loan, Edinburgh, EH14 1SY

Valuation roll enquiry

Request no. 12113. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 29/07/2016 10:04:00

Number of households eligible to pay council tax 2016

Please can you advise of the total number of households eligible to pay council tax in the current financial year (2016-2017)


The total number of households eligible including those who may be entitled to discount or exemption - 243,938.

Request no. 12114. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 01/09/2016

Food Businesses

Food Businesses registered in the last 60 days


Request no. 12115. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 28/09/2016


Staff figures including types of contracts


Request no. 12116. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Road Defects

Categorisation of road defects your roads inspectors adhere to. Maximum depth of a road defect before it requires to be repaired. Procedures for logging and fixing road defects. Potholes logged on an annual basis from 2010 to 2015.


Request no. 12117. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

Alcohol Testing

Do you randomly breath test your staff on work premises for alcohol? Upon what legislation, regulation or framework are you using to conduct such alcohol breath tests on staff?



Request no. 12118. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

Nicholson Square Ladies and disabled toilets

Update on progress of repairs


Additional issues have been highlighted with the electrics and water leaking in from the surrounding pavements. Further repair works will now be required before the toilets can be re-opened.

Request no. 12121. Received: 19/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

14 Melville Street

Information regarding any complaints regarding the condition of a passageway/internal garden in the back of 52 Canoes Tiki Den 13/ 14 Melville Street


We believe the address you quoted should be Melville Place, and the area in question is private, therefore not owned by the council. You will have to direct your questions to the owners of tghe property.

Request no. 12123. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

3/3 Saunders Street

Info regarding the property


Request no. 12124. Received: 18/07/2016, Resolved: 15/08/2016

Kirkwood Place

Dates of all inspections carried out. Records of any maintenance or repairs. All maintenance and full service reports. All complaints. All accidents


All the information held by CEC is in the attached document.


Request no. 12125. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

Telephone system

What manufacturer telephone system are you using? How many extensions are there on your telephone system? Who maintains your telephone system? When does your telephone system maintenance contract expire?


Request no. 12126. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 28/07/2016

4-6 Anderson Place

All internal email communications that relate to The Biscuit Factory at 4-6 Anderson Place

Request no. 12128. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Lynedoch Place

Details of the inspection period for Lynedoch Place. Details of any complaints. Details of any defects reported. Details of any accidents.


Request no. 12129. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Business Rates - 8, MELVILLE CRESCENT

Any periods since 1st April 2010 in which the property has been empty, the ratepayer during the period and the net rates charged during the period.


Our records show that there have been no periods of vacancy from 1 April 2010.

Request no. 12130. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 07/09/2016

Blue Badge Parking Abuse

How has the number of fines for blue badge abuse increased since that legislation was introduced?


Request no. 12131. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 05/09/2016

NDR details of premises occupied by Edinburgh City Council within Post Code EH1.

Provide full NDR details of premises occupied by Edinburgh City Council within Post Code EH1.

Request no. 12132. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

NDR within Post Code EH1.

Provide full NDR details of premises where Edinburgh City Council is liable for NDR within Post Code EH1.


Request no. 12133. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

The 2,228 Edinburgh City Council Owned / Occupied Premises / or NDR liable for

Excluding The 2,228 'Edinburgh City Council' Owned / Occupied Premises / NDR liable for premises


The total cost of complying with your request is £2250.00.
The information for each of the 18,000 properties referred to in your request would need to be checked for personal data and, at 2 records per minute, this would take 150 hours to complete.

Request no. 12134. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

2,278 Edinburgh City Council Owned / Occupied / NDR liable for?

How many are Occupied by Edinburgh City Council?


This information would need to be extracted manually from our database and it would take approximately 2 minutes per property to locate, retrieve and provide the information you requested.

2278 records @ 2 min per record = 75.93 hours.

Request no. 12135. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

2,278 Edinburgh City Council Owned / Occupied / NDR liable for?

We have identified that the records of 2278 properties would require to be searched for the requested information to be located, retrieved and provided. How many are Owned by Edinburgh City Council?


This information would need to be extracted manually from our database and it would take approximately 2 minutes per property to locate, retrieve and provide the information you requested.

2278 records @ 2 min per record = 75.93 hours.

Request no. 12136. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

2,278 Edinburgh City Council Owned / Occupied / NDR liable for?

We have identified that the records of 2278 properties would require to be searched for the requested information to be located, retrieved and provided. How many are Liable for NDR by Edinburgh City Council?


This information would need to be extracted manually from our database and it would take approximately 2 minutes per property to locate, retrieve and provide the information you requested.

2278 records @ 2 min per record = 75.93 hours.

Request no. 12137. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016


Please provide all non-domestic rate details you hold on the 518 NDR premises in Post Code EH1 with a Rateable value of more than £34,999.


Request no. 12138. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

98 properties subject to Rates with a Rateable value of £1,085,000 +

All details you hold on the 98 properties subject to Rates with a Rateable value of £1,085,000 +


Request no. 12139. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 17/08/2016

Listing of the Edinburgh Central Library

All documentation relating to the proposals to upgrade the listing of the Edinburgh Central Library from a Category B listing to an A listing


Request no. 12140. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Dialogue between UNESCO's official advisory body ICOMOS

Between 2008 until the present time


Request no. 12145. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Water Ingress - Hillcrest, Craiglockhart Avenue

Confirm if there has been any correspondence/telephone calls or a report of drain water flowing down the pavement into the address at: Hillcrest, 4 Craiglockhart Avenue, Edinburgh, EH14 1DG.


Having checked records held for the area for the past three years I can confirm that we do not hold correspondence, records of phone calls or relevant reports in relation to water ingress at 4 Craiglockhart Avenue.

Request no. 12147. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 30/08/2016

Looked After Children

Information regarding the statistics of looked after children


Request no. 12148. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Private Hire Vehicle Licence Cost

Information that CEC obtained and what sources were used to enable them to make the decision to reduce the price of a Private Hire Vehicle licence


Request no. 12149. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 27/07/2016

Director of Finance

Who is the current Director of Finance


Hugh Dunn is the current Acting Executive Director of Resources

Request no. 12150. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 01/08/2016

Junction Accidents

Council data based on STATS 19 submissions pertaining to junctions classified as either T-junction, roundabout or traffic signals that have been changed to form an alternative junction type classified as either T-junction, roundabout or TS


We do not hold any written record of junctions that have been altered in the way described.

Request no. 12151. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 26/08/2016

Purchase of Bottled Water

How much the City of Edinburgh Council spent on the purchase of bottled water in the last full financial year (15/16).


Request no. 12153. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 16/08/2016

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)

Information regarding the impact of the April 2013 Housing Benefit changes for social rented sector tenants, during the current financial year.


Request no. 12154. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Vulnerable Adults Report

Vulnerable Adults report in respect of a fall at St Margarets Care Home on 3rd July 2016.


The report has not been completed, is part of an on-going investigation and is withheld under Section 34 - Investigations by Scottish public authorities and proceedings arising out of such investigations.

Request no. 12155. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

Roadworks at Comiston Road

Who approved the request to conduct roadworks for 20 weeks at Comiston Road? The project plan submitted by SGN? What other options were considered? What are the costs and benefits of each option?


Request no. 12157. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

CCTV Footage

A7 South Bridge to West Nicolson Street


Information not held. We only retain material for a period of fourteen days, after which time it is deleted from the system and consequently we will be unable to provide any relevant information.

Request no. 12158. Received: 22/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Repairs - Craigour Drive

Details of repairs and complaints


Request no. 12160. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

CRESH alcohol outlet data

Premise Name License type (on, off, on and off) Address Postcode


See attached. Please note that Premises Licenses are recorded and managed by City of Edinburgh Licensing Service through address only, therefore the name of each Premises is not recorded.


Request no. 12164. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016 14:46:00

Waverley Mall Steps

Maintenance and inspection records July 2015 to date.


We believe that all, or part of the information you seek is held by Waverley Mall who can be contacted at: 3 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1BQ. Telephone: 0131 557 3759.

Request no. 12167. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 26/08/2016

Assembly Theatre - Occasional Licence

2014-2016 1. In what month/s did Assembly Theatre 2 Roxburgh Place make an application for an occasional licence 2. In what month/s did the Council grant the occasional licences for Assembly Theatre 2 Roxburgh Place


Request no. 12168. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Petroleum Search - Shrub House, 7 Shrub Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4PD

Any details that you hold regarding flammable storage (past and present) located at this site.


Request no. 12169. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 18/08/2016

Possession of Weapons in Schools

How many pupils in TOTAL were found in possession of a knife or bladed weapon on school property across your local authority area between 01/07/2015 and 01/07/2016?


Request no. 12170. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

Hatred and Bigotry

Communications between Councillor Burns office and representatives of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Request no. 12171. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Business Rates

Full and up to date list of businesses that have become liable for business rates between to 01/07/2016 - 15/07/2016.


Request no. 12172. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

Assembly - Residents' Concerns

In a follow-up to EDIR:9372, “Can you review answer 4 and respond why residential amenity is not protected and therefore residents concerns appear to be ignored 2009 to date?


The Council's position is that residential amenity is being protected by the provision of normal services. We hold no recorded information which demonstrates that residents' concerns have been ignored in the requested period.

Request no. 12173. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

Libraries in schools

The number of a) secondary schools with a library, and b) primary schools with a library in your local authority area. The number of new books added each year to each. The number of new books removed


Request no. 12174. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 04/10/2016

Property Information

Details of commercial properties owned by or under lease to Edinburgh City Council


Request no. 12175. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Costs involved in the 115 funerals arranged by the Council in 2015/16

The costs involved in the 115 funerals arranged by the Council in 2015/16. The exact figures or at least the exact total spent for 2015/16.


Request no. 12176. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 27/09/2016

Properties that were sold by your council under the Right-to-Buy scheme that have been subsequently bought back

Number of properties that were sold by your council under the Right-to-Buy scheme that have been subsequently bought back by your council.


Request no. 12177. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016


Who monitors the complaint, are they independant? How many complaints do I have to make before action is taken. Are complaints recordered, and available for the general public to monitor


Request no. 12179. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016


What is the total amount of money this Council has spent on all Transportation (including but not limited to taxi cabs, mini bus's, mini van's and escort services) for SEN children to and from their schools? 2015 and 2016 figures

Request no. 12180. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 09/08/2016

Ransomware virus scam

Whether the council has fallen victim to a ransomware virus scam


Request no. 12181. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

List of complaints received by the Cab Office

List of complaints received by the Edinburgh Cab Office in relation to licensed taxis for the months of May, June and July 2016.


Request no. 12182. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 25/08/2016

Named Person Training & Costs

How many people under the employment of your Council, and representing what percentage of the total Council staff, have already received training to become a Named Person under the scheme


Request no. 12183. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 28/09/2016

Street lights

How many street lights the council currently operates. What time are these turned on and off. In the last three years have any changes been made to the times street lights are turned on and off?


Clarification Request Closed (No response)

Request no. 12184. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Safe working practices and the impact of single manning

Does your local authority issue guidance to those who work on their own? How many employees of your local authority are now classed as lone workers? As a percentage of total number of employees?


Request no. 12185. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 03/08/2016

Bin size, and collection time

Does your council use 240 litre bins, or a smaller size? If it's a smaller size, when did the changeover happen? Does your council collect waste weekly? If it's bi-weekly, or tri-weekly, when did the changeover happen?


Request no. 12186. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

NDR Tourist, Charity and Homeless Accommodation units

Total units of accommodation types used for tourists, charity, business travellers, homeless, backpackers, campers and caravaners


Information not provided. There are 1534 accounts. An officer would need to review each of the accounts to establish whether or not relief has been granted. It is estimated that this would take a total time of 51 hours.

Request no. 12187. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 24/08/2016

20mph limits

What is the death toll,and accident rate for the last 6months in the new 20mph zones? What are the pollution levels for the above mentioned the same areas?


Request no. 12188. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Number of agency staff and costs

What currently is the total number of agency staff hired externally out-with the City of Edinburgh council that solely relates to Business Support/Admin?


Request no. 12189. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 04/08/2016

Staff in the Children’s Services division

Could you provide the overall staff number and gender split for staff at: - Grades 7 and below - Grade 8 - Grade 9 - Grades 10 and above


Request no. 12190. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 02/09/2016

Council Services

Information regarding the contact centre and services available


Request no. 12191. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

Protocols for Handling Mail

System you have in place for handling private information from public originations such as the NHS, in your social work centres? Private correspondence been opened or logged within Westfield House reception area


Request no. 12192. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Care at Home Costing Model - Annual Leave Entitlement

Could officers confirm the Annual Leave Entitlement [in days per year] on which they have based the Holiday Pay element?


Request no. 12196. Received: 28/07/2016, Resolved: 30/08/2016

City costs

What information CEC holds on the cost to the city (for example, in increased street cleaning and traffic management cost) of the Edinburgh Festivals (i.e. the Festivals that run in late July/August/early September) in each year going back to 2010.


Request no. 12197. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 30/08/2016

Polwarth Terrace

Date of inspections for road defects of Polwarth Terrace. Dates of notifications from public telling you problems of said road. Edinburgh councils inspection policy and timescales of said policy. Number of complaints


Request no. 12203. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

Scooter boards

How many schools under the control of Edinburgh City Council provide scooter boards for use by pupils? What safety equipment is provided to pupils when using scooter boards? Copies of all risk assessments


We hold no information centrally regarding the provision of scooter boards.

Request no. 12204. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 13/09/2016

Bin on Lochend Road

Sight of all documentary evidence you hold regarding the reporting of this missing bin and the replacement of it.


Request no. 12206. Received: 29/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

68 Rose Street

Copies of inspection records from January 2015 until present. Details of any works carried out on the road from January 2015 until present. Details of any complaints made


Request no. 12207. Received: 27/07/2016, Resolved: 23/08/2016

36 Murrayburn Park

Complaints or reports made regarding defects. All information and reports regarding inspections. Repairs, maintenance and alterations at the above property.


Please find copies of the following attached:
• Repair log
• Notification of repair to roof tiles Ref: DOC018 SW
• Extract from database Ref: DOC019 SW


Request no. 12208. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 02/08/2016 11:21:00

Contact details

- Art and culture space - UNESCO representation - Smart City technology space - Planning and Development - Customer Service



Request no. 12235. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 19/08/2016

Accident Records

RIDDOR Report. Any other documentation reporting the accident. Any documents regarding any investigations carried out. Any other documents relating to the accident reporting off or the responding


The Council has no record of your client’s accident being reported in terms of RIDDOR. You may wish to contact HSE at 59 Belford Road, Edinburgh EH4 3UE.

Request no. 12239. Received: 25/07/2016, Resolved: 22/08/2016

Ex-Police Box Site Location Types

Please would you supply a list and /or map which defines each of the location types for ex-police box sites : Prime City Centre, Secondary City Centre, Tertiary City Centre and Suburban, as described in the Council’s email of 15 July 2016.


Request no. 12288. Received: 11/07/2016, Resolved: 29/08/2016

Traffic light sequence - Hanover Street and George Street

Road traffic accident on 3rd June 2014


Request no. 12474. Received: 26/07/2016, Resolved: 13/09/2016

Accident Reports - Viewcraig Gardens

Copy of the accident report, any relevant CCTV footage and also your maintenance and inspection records from the period June 2015 to date as well as details of any complaints made


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