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Edinburgh’s newest Escape Room opens in Leith

Published: Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Padlox Escape Rooms joins a growing number of escape game experiences in Edinburgh.

Aimed at groups of 2-6, the objective is to solve puzzles and riddles within a themed storyline – and escape the room before the 60 minute time limit runs out.

Escape games are a rapidly expanding global phenomenon suitable for adults of all ages, and children over 12 (accompanied by an adult).

Owner Morven Lyon said “Bring your besties, your granny, your nemesis or your colleagues – we’ve designed the room to have something for everyone. It’s a joy to hear people gasping with surprise, high-fiving their victories, and laughing with delight as they lose themselves in our world for an hour”.

Rumoured to have started in Budapest, Hungary, over 10 years ago, escape rooms are now prevalent across Europe and the United States, and are spreading world-wide. Scotland alone now has 75 and the market continues to grow.

Storylines are increasingly detailed and rich, and the puzzles are becoming more varied, elaborate and dynamic. “We’re dorks at heart and challenged ourselves to create as immersive an experience as possible” says Morven’s husband Kaz. “We wanted a wide variety of tasks to include logical, mechanical, digital and physical games.”

“We’ve also got a 1-year-old dorkette on the staff, who likes to be involved in the team debriefs.” This family business is located on Bernard Street, just off the Shore in the heart of historic Leith.

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