Edinburgh schools review - Roseburn Primary School

School Roseburn Primary School
Proposal There are no changes to Roseburn Primary’s catchment area.
The secondary school catchment for Roseburn Primary would change from Craigmount High to Tynecastle High from August 2019.
Who is affected Pupils currently P6 and below and living in the Roseburn Primary catchment area would go to Tynecastle High when they reach S1.

No pupils currently attending Craigmount High School would be affected by these proposals.
Reasons for the proposal Roseburn Primary is about 1.3km from Tynecastle High and is over 5km from Craigmount High.

Tynecastle High will be able to provide places for pupils from the Roseburn Primary catchment.

Changing Roseburn Primary’s secondary school to Tynecastle High will provide extra space to support projected growth at Craigmount High.