Parks and gardens - Schoolyard Park

Name Schoolyard Park
Address Dean Path
Postcode EH8 8BH
Telephone 0131 529 5050
Facilities Toddlers playShrubs
Information board
Background The Schoolyard Park was formally opened in 2014 and has quickly become a meeting place for local residents and children. The site has been transformed from an area of concrete to a landscaped small local park with items of play for toddlers. The park is planted with ground cover shrubs and features a mix of soft surface, paving and block paving with three millstones as a reminder of the industrial past of the area. Am information board details the history of the surrounding buildings for the interest of the many visitors to Dean Village.
History and heritage The park is called Schoolyard Park as it was the play space belonging to the local village school, which closed in 1961.
Getting involved Dean Village Association
Location map