Parks and gardens - Saughton Park and Gardens

Name Saughton Park and Gardens
Address Balgreen Road
Postcode EH11 3BQ
Telephone 0131 529 7921
Facilities Rose gardensFloral displays
Walled garden
Skateboard and bmx park
Play area, including basket swing
Car park
Play fields
Community woodlands
Braille boards
Wheelchair access
Background Saughton Park is one of Edinburgh's hidden jewels. It has a large tract of well-managed open space with playing fields and athletics track, the biggest skate board park in Scotland and a modern creative play area. Spread over 34 acres, it also has a delightful formal garden in classic style, with neatly-clipped yew hedges, flower and heather beds, a sunken Italian garden, specimen trees, a glass Winter Garden with exotic plants, a garden of sweet fragrances for the blind and a rose garden that has won Saughton fame.
History and heritage Saughton Park has had an interesting and varied past. The majority of the area came into Council ownership in 1900 when it was purchased from Sir William Baird Tuke. At that time, a nine-hole golf course, nursery and playing fields were laid out. In 1908, Saughton became the site of the great Scottish National Exhibition, opened by HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught. During the Second World War, the formal gardens were turned into onion beds as Saughton helped dig for victory. After WWII, Saughtonhall mansion house, which had earlier been turned into an asylum for the mentally ill, was destroyed in a controlled burning by the fire bigrade, as it had become riddled with dry rot. In 1984 the Winter Garden was formally opened by Lord Provost John McKay. Most recently, an award winning skateboard park was constructed in 2010 and a brand new play area was opened in 2012. There is currently a project underway to restore and improve the park. You can find out more on, which includes information on how to have your say and how to get involved.
Living Landscape features Floral meadows (annuals)
Visitor information Serviced by Lothian bus route 22.
Public Toilets Toilets in Winter Gardens are open weekdays 8.30am-3.30pm and weekends 12noon-4pm.
Wheelchair accessible.
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