Parks and gardens - River Almond Walkway

Name River Almond Walkway
Address Cramond Glebe
Postcode EH4 6JN
Telephone 0131 529 2401
Facilities Natural Heritage Service
River walks
Wildlife habitats - river and woodland
Background This nature trail passes along a clifftop through a mixture of woodlands, marsh, ponds and meadowland, which support a large diversity of wildlife habitats.
History and heritage By the end of the 18th century, the River Almond was industrial with Cockle Mill, Fairafar Mill, Peggy's Mill, Dowie's Mill and Craigie Mill along the banks.
Cramond Brig, where the original 15th century bridge stood, is on the route.
Wildlife It is rich in birdlife with mallards, moorhens, white-chested dippers and the Cramond swans. There is a wealth of plants and trees with meadow cranesbill, sweet cicely, creeping ivy, ivy-leafed toadflax, butterbur, yellow tansy, oak, beech, sycamore, ash, elm, elder and fungi like lawyer's wig.
Public Toilets Cramond Glebe Road
Opening times: 10am-6pm.
Baby changing facilities available.
No disabled access.
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Getting involved Friends of the River Almond Walkway
Management Plan Download the walkway management plan