Parks and gardens - Ravelston Woods Local Nature Reserve

Name Ravelston Woods Local Nature Reserve
Address Craigcrook Road
Postcode EH4 3PG
Telephone 0131 529 2401
Facilities Natural Heritage ServiceQR trail
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Background Ravelston Woods and Park is situated in Blackhall, north Edinburgh. In the park you will find a great play area for young children and a ball court for the older ones. The woods area is a local nature reserve and locally renowned for its diversity of plants and animals. Ravelston Woods are particularly special because of the dazzling display of bluebells in the spring. It has held a Green Flag since 2012 in recognition of it being a quality green space.
Wildlife This park is a haven for wildlife; native trees include oak, ash and holly which are mixed with a number of planted exotics like horse chestnut and larch. The first record of this ancient woodland appears in 1826. Enjoy a walk through the woods in the spring and discover the rich carpet of Scottish Bluebells which covers the woodland floor. Look out for typical woodland birds such as robin, blackbird and wren. Tree-creepers and woodpeckers can also be found sharing the wood with raptors such as tawny owls and buzzards.
Alongside foxes, mice, voles and shrews, Ravelston has a thriving population of badgers.
Geology Most of Edinburgh sits on hard, volcanic rock, created when volcanoes cooled millions of years ago. Ravelston, however, is sedimentary sandstone which has been quarried to supply stone to build Edinburgh homes since the 16th century. This stone was also used to build the Palace of Holyrood House and St Giles Cathedral. The quarry ceased production after World War II.
Visitor information The park is most easily accessed from the eastern end of Craigcrook Road. The woods can be accessed from the south side of the park, or directly from Queensferry Road.
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Getting involved Friends of Ravelston Woods
Green Flag Since 2012
Management Plan Download the park and woods management plan
Why don't you? Visit the woods in May to see the best bluebell display in the city.
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