Committee membership - Education, Children and Families Committee

Committee name Education, Children and Families Committee
Purpose of committee

Delegated functions of the committee can be found under our Committee terms of reference and delegated functions

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11 members:- 3 SNP, 3 Conservative, 2 Labour, 2 Green and 1 Liberal Democrat

Councillor Ian Perry (Convener)
Councillor Alison Dickie (Vice Convener)
Councillor Eleanor Bird
Councillor Mary Campbell
Councillor Gavin Corbett
Councillor Joan Griffiths
Councillor Derek Howie
Councillor Callum Laidlaw
Councillor Jason Rust
Councillor Stephanie Smith
Councillor Louise Young

Added Members for Education Matters
Dr Rita Welsh (Church of Scotland)
Marie Allan (Roman Catholic Church of Scotland)
Rabbi David Rose (3rd Religious Representative)
Alexander Ramage (Parent Representative)

Committee contact
0131 529 4246
Meeting dates Tuesday 14 August 2018
Tuesday 9 October 2018
Tuesday 11 December 2018
Tuesday 5 March 2019
Tuesday 21 May 2019
Tuesday 13 August 2019