Councillors' register of interests and expenses - Alex Staniforth

Name Alex Staniforth
Political group Scottish Green Group
Remuneration Self-employed tour guide with Edinburgh Free Tours
Self-employed performer - performs semi-regularly at Edinburgh Horrow Show
[Note: Edinburgh Horror Show is performed at Banshee Labyrinth]
Performed 27th - 31st in Edinburgh Horror Festival
27th - 31st at Banshee Labrynth
27th also at Lauriston Castle
Self-employed writer - no current engagements
Related undertakings None.
Contracts None.
Election expenses Paid by Edinburgh Branch of Scottish Green Party
Houses, land and buildings Joint owner of a property in Edinburgh
Shares and securities None.
Gifts and hospitality None.
Non-financial interests Edinburgh Horror Festival - Treasurer
Edinburgh Leisure - Council board member
Edinburgh Leisure II - Council board member
Edinburgh Science Ltd - Council Board Director
Further information For historic details please contact