Petitions (Closed) - Edinburgh Council to Keep Our Trees!

Petition details Edinburgh was voted the fourth most beautiful city in the world in 2015.
Edinburgh's balance of wondrous architecture and mix of green spaces attracts visitors and new residents every year.

What would happen if we didn't maintain the greenery I wonder....

I am pursuing Edinburgh Council to provide the services we all pay so dearly for.
Specifically, the trees that line many of our streets. Edinburgh is a gem of a city and we need to ensure our Council keeps it so. This Petition seeks to gather support given the Council has recently decided not to maintain the existing trees in Edinburgh's streets.

Here follows an example : One of Edinburgh's longest tree lined streets is Saughtonhall Drive and dead, dying and broken trees will not be replaced:
Petition Status Closed
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Mr David Cairns
Opening date 16 August 2015
Closing date 1 September 2016
Total signatories 34
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee was unable to consider this petition as the minimum number of signatures was not been reached.

A petition requires at least 200 signatures before it can be considered by the Petitions Committee. Petitions which refer to a local issue can be considered by the Committee at the discretion of the Convener if they have more than 50 signatures.