Petitions (Closed) - Save Granton Castle Walled Garden

Petition details We, The Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden are intent on saving the B-listed walled garden from certain destruction.
We believe that the rare historical land use, social and environmental value of the garden is unique in Edinburgh, and should be opened up for sustainable uses which will benefit the well-being of the local and wider community.
We therefore ask that the City of Edinburgh Council support us in our aims to ensure that the once pristine medieval walled garden is protected, accessible & well maintained so that the heritage environment is preserved for future generations.
Petition Status This petition will be considered at the Petitions Committee meeting on 7 September 2016.
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Ellie Clarke
Opening date 10 June 2016
Closing date 1 September 2016
Total signatories 694
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee on 8 September agreed to ask that the terms of the petition be submitted to the Economy Committee with a recommendation that it supports the Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden in their attempts to ensure the medieval walled garden is protected, accessible and well maintained.
Further Action This petition was considered further at the Economy Committee on 22 November 2016.
Links 1 Economy Committee 22 November 2016