Petitions (Closed) - Charges relating to The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Skin Piercing and Tattooing) Order 2006

Petition details We petition the council to lobby The Scottish Government on our behalf to amend the legislation to exempt British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) members from the provisions of the skin piercing regulations.

BAcC members abide by stringent codes of conduct and professional standards which exceed the conditions laid out in the regulations. As health professionals acupuncturists often work with clients on very low incomes or on benefits and many work on a part time basis. The high costs of the licence may make low-income work impossible. Often these clients are experiencing severe pain or mental health issues.

We also ask as a matter of urgency for the Edinburgh City council to reduce the cost to previous levels and only increase in line with inflation instead of a 150% increase.

The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Skin Piercing and Tattooing) Order 2006 was, until earlier in 2015, charged at a rate of £218 for a renewal of a skin piercing licence. The cost has risen to £500. This is excessive and damaging to the freedom to carry out a legitimate acupuncture business. We carry out beneficial work for the health of the community and this is being hampered by the high cost of the licence. The increase has meant that some acupuncturists have had to consider ceasing to work in Edinburgh.
Petition Status Closed
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Business
Name of petitioner Quintus Farrell
Closing date 25/01/2016
Total signatories 292 (individuals) 59 (businesses)
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee on 3 February 2016 agreed to:
- refer the petition to the Regulatory Committee for consideration.
- Convener to write to the Scottish Government to highlight the issues raised by the petition seeking a response.
- Officers to Investigate the possibility of introducing a license sub-group within the skin-piercing and tattooing license for acupuncturists, with a view to reporting to the Regulatory Committee in April 2016, if customer demand dictates.
Further Action This petition was considered further at the Regulatory Committee on 26 April 2016 and the Petitions Committee on 8 September 2016.
Links 1) Regulatory Committee 26 April 2016 2) Petitions Committee 8 September 2016