Petitions (Closed) - Call on the Council to invest in improved facilities and to increase the number of inspections to tackle dog dirt.

Petition details Friends of Westfield Park are seeking the Councils support and investment to improve facilities, tackle problem dog fouling, and ensure that the Friends and Residents can enjoy a park that is safe clean, well used facility now and in the future.
With the support of the Local Authority, the enthusiasm of Local Businesses, and the energy of Westfield Residents, we are keen to organise and regenerate the Park. We require advise, guidance and coordination to assist in producing designs and costings for a renovated park which we will seek to finance and deliver through the support from local business, grants from a number of charities and organisations which support the regeneration of parks and the time residents are able to volunteer.
Petition Status Closed
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Laura Baird on behalf of Friends of Westfield Park
Total signatories 383
Petition Outcome - To refer the petition to the Transport and Environment Committee
- To refer the petition to the South West Neighbourhood Partnership for information
- To request that a progress update be included in the Petitions Committee Business Bulletin in 6 months time
Further Action This petition was considered further at the Transport and Environment Committee on 15 March 2016 and the Petitions Committee on 8 September 2016.
Links 1) Transport and Environment Committee 15 March 2016 2) Petitions Committee 8 September 2016