Councillors' register of interests and expenses - Jason Rust

Name Jason Rust
Political group Conservative Group
Expense Claims
Remuneration Solicitor - Legal Adviser to Scottish Land & Estates (Part-time)
Related undertakings None.
Contracts None.
Election expenses Met by Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party - Edinburgh Association
Houses, land and buildings Owner occupier of a property in Edinburgh
Shares and securities None.
Gifts and hospitality 08/07/17 - End of development exercise for Young Officers - Courtesy of 3 Rifles - Dinner at Edinburgh Castle Castle Club - £50
21/08/17 - Lunch with the Dutch Ambassador - Courtesy of Kennedy Law - Lunch at the National Museum of Scotland - £65
08.07.17 - Dinner at Edinburgh Castle Club - Courtesy of 3 Rifles - £50
21.08.17 - Lunch at the National Museum of Scotland - Courtesy of Kennedy Law - £65.00
Non-financial interests Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival - Chair/ Director
Aged Christian Friends' Society of Scotland - Director
City of Edinburgh Council - Bailie
Law Society of Scotland - Member
Further information For historic details please contact