Committee membership - Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (Health and Social Care Partnership)

Committee name Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (Health and Social Care Partnership)
Purpose of committee
To improve the wellbeing of people who use health and social care services, particularly those with complex needs that involve support from health and social care at the same time. To plan across social care, NHS services in communities and some hospital services to ensure that these are better co-ordinated for people. For more information, please visit the Transform Edinburgh website at
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Board Membership

Voting Membership
10 members – 5 City of Edinburgh Council, 5 Lothian NHS Board

Michael Ash
Carolyn Hirst
Alex Joyce
Angus McCann
Martin Hill

Councillor Ricky Henderson (Convener)
Councillor Robert Aldridge
Councillor George Gordon
Councillor Melanie Main
Councillor Susan Webber

Non-Voting Membership
There are currently a further 15 non-voting members. Non-voting members are included in the membership and appointed by the Integration Joint Board as it sees fit. The following individuals must be members of the Integrated Joint board in a non-voting capacity.


  • Chief Social Work Officer of the local authority
  • The Chief Officer of the Integrated Joint Board
  • The proper officer appointed under S95 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973(a)
  • A registered medial practicioner (GP within the Health Board)
  • A registered nurse (employed by the Health Board)
  • A registered medical practicioner (employed by the Health Board and not a GP)


Committee contact
0131 529 4246
Meeting dates Friday 29 March 2019
Friday 24 May 2019
Friday 21 June 2019
Friday 16 August 2019