Committee membership - City of Edinburgh Council

Committee name The City of Edinburgh Council
Purpose of committee
The Council makes key decisions on how money is spent and which services are provided in the city. This includes setting the annual Council budget, the annual Council Tax and approving the capital investment programme.
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63 members – 19 SNP, 18 Conservative, 12 Labour, 8 Green, 6 Liberal Democrat

‚ÄčCouncillor Frank Ross (Lord Provost)
Councillor Joan Griffiths (Deputy Lord Provost)
Councillor Robert Aldridge
Councillor Scott Arthur
Councillor Gavin Barrie
Councillor Eleanor Bird
Councillor Chas Booth
Councillor Claire Bridgman
Councillor Mark Brown
Councillor Graeme Bruce
Councillor Steve Burgess
Councillor Lezley Marion Cameron
Councillor Ian Campbell
Councillor Jim Campbell
Councillor Kate Campbell
Councillor Mary Campbell
Councillor Maureen Child
Councillor Nick Cook
Councillor Gavin Corbett
Councillor Cammy Day
Councillor Alison Dickie
Councillor Denis Dixon
Councillor Phil Doggart
Councillor Marion Donaldson
Councillor Karen Doran
Councillor Scott Douglas
Councillor Catherine Fullerton
Councillor Neil Gardiner
Councillor Gillian Gloyer
Councillor George Gordon
Councillor Ashley Graczyk
Councillor Ricky Henderson
Councillor Derek Howie
Councillor Graham Hutchison
Councillor Andrew Johnston
Councillor David Key
Councillor Callum Laidlaw
Councillor Kevin Lang
Councillor Lesley Macinnes
Councillor Melanie Main
Councillor John McLellan
Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechan
Councillor Adam McVey
Councillor Claire Miller
Councillor Max Mitchell
Councillor Joanna Mowat
Councillor Gordon Munro
Councillor Hal Osler
Councillor Ian Perry
Councillor Susan Rae
Councillor Alasdair Rankin
Councillor Lewis Ritchie
Councillor Cameron Rose
Councillor Neil Ross
Councillor Jason Rust
Councillor Stephanie Smith
Councillor Alex Staniforth
Councillor Mandy Watt
Councillor Susan Webber
Councillor Iain Whyte
Councillor Donald Wilson
Councillor Norman Work
Councillor Louise Young

Committee contact
0131 529 4246
Meeting dates Thursday 23 August 2018
Thursday 20 September 2018
Thursday 25 October 2018
Thursday 22 November 2018
Thursday 13 December 2018
Thursday 7 February 2019
Thursday 21 February 2019 (Budget Meeting)
Thursday 14 March 2019
Thursday 2 May 2019
Thursday 30 May 2019
Thursday 27 June 2019
Thursday 22 August 2019