Licence and permit applications - Late Hours Catering licence

Licence type Late Hours Catering licence
Who should apply? Anyone who wants to sell food from premises between 11 pm and 5 am
Definitions and more Premises offering food between the hours of 11pm and 5am, whether on or off the premises, must have a Late Hours Catering Licence.
Additional costs

an additional 20% 'late fee' charge is payable for any temporary licence application received within 28 days of the date the licence is due to start. The application fee for such a licence is;


Timescales (average)

69 days

What you need to supply

Application form
Application fee
A detailed plan of the premises
Completed waste management form

Additional information

You cannot apply to renew a licence after it has expired.  An application for licence renewal must be made before the expiry of the current licence.  Any application made up to 28 days later will be a ‘late application.’

if a late application is received, the original licence will expire on the date marked on the licence. However, if the Council decides that ‘Good Cause’ has been shown for the late submission of the application, the previous licence will remain in effect while the renewal is being processed.  You can download our Policy on late applications for further information

Please ensure you read the guidance notes in the application pack before submitting your application.The current Late Hours Catering Policy can be downloaded if you require further informaiton

Please also note that all licence application fees are non refundable, except in exceptional circumstances.  You can download our refunds policy if you require further information.  Any requests for a refund due to exceptional circumstances should be made in writing to the Licensing Manager
Application pack
Standard conditions