Petitions (Invalid) - Petition to remove the new changes to George Street.

Petition details The bizarre and unwelcome addition of a mixture of cycle-paths, alfresco dining areas and pedestrianised zones. This change is said to be an experiment, with a high likelihood of adoption following a year's trial. I walk along the entirety of George Street every day, and thusfar have not seen a single bicycle. Equally, on many days the alfresco dining areas have been empty due to inclement weather (and this has been since the scheme started at the height of summer). Meanwhile the disadvantages have been considerable, particularly with regard to traffic. Since the unfortunate but seemingly more permanent ban of private vehicles from Princes St. to make way for the trams, pressure has been put on the west-east flow of traffic to go via George Street and the already heavily congested Queen Street. The new additions have furthered this problem to a considerable degree, with resulting bottlenecks, particularly in the east end. Edinburgh used to be one of the easiest cities to drive in in the world, but these changes are causing more problems than they solve.

Therefore, the signatories propose that the changes to George Street be dropped at the close of their trial period.
Petition Status Invalid as the individual submitting the petition was not on the electoral register in Edinburgh
Name of petitioner Mr Alexander Campbell