Petitions (Closed) - Dalmahoy Traffic Lights Needed

Petition details Dear Edinburgh Council after 15 years of reporting that lives are in danger with cars trying to get out of Dalmahoy Golf Course / Hotel and Country Club and Ratho (nearest village) on the opposite side of the main A71 from Edinburgh to Kilmarnock.

Exit from Dalmahoy and Ratho (road opposite) onto A71 is life threatening and one day someone will die and then it will be too late.

An offer of a SLOW DOWN sign is not good enough after 15 yrs of complaining. The morning rush hour traffic is horrendous with no one giving way and the cars pile up the roads on either side.
Maybe someone could just try this out and see how they feel risking their lives just trying to get home.
Petition Status Petition closed
Name of petitioner Martin Lee
Opening date 07/07/2014
Closing date 20/08/2014
Total signatories 1528
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee on 4 September 2014 agreed to refer the Petition to the Transport and Environment Committee for further consideration.

This petition was considered further at the Transport and Environment Committee on 28 October 2014, 17 March 2015 and 30 August 2016.
Links 1 Transport and Environment Committee 28 October 2014 2 Transport and Environment Committee 17 March 2015 3 Transport and Environment Committee 30 August 2016