Petitions (Invalid) - Allow Pomegranate to keep its signing and lighting

Petition details After a sustained harrassment campaign of 18 months by a neighbour who clearly objects to our presence, we have been ordered to remove all lighting, signage and two innocuous menu boards.
This will mean that our restaurant, in current financial climates WILL NOT survive, resulting in the loss of over 20 jobs.
The premises operated as an Italian restaurant for over 20 years with similar menu boards and lighting and NOT ONE enforcement note was issued.
In order for our business to survive, we must be permitted along with EVERY BUSINESS in the area, to advertise our menu and have signage and lighting that attracts customers.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of paragraph 2 (1) of our petitions criteria as it relates to a planning, licensing or other matter where there are already procedures in place to consider objections and appeals against decisions.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of paragraph 2(1) of the Petitions Criteria
Name of petitioner Jamal Ahmed
Opening date 12/10/2013
Closing date 11/10/2014