Petitions (Closed) - Ban cycling on City Centre pavements by cyclists over 12 years

Petition details We request that tough measures are taken to prevent cyclists from cycling on pavements within the busy City Centre pavements, especially in the Tram Construction works areas, where metal fencing further restricts pavement width. There are many cyclists weaving through the pavements, where people with prams, buggies, wheelchairs and disabled scooters are trying to pass. People with walking difficulties, loss of hearing or sight are further placed in danger as they are less likely to be aware of a bicycle coming along a pavement from behind. Young children are also placed in danger, as are dog walkers. It is particularly bad around the Haymarket Station area where there is the additional danger towards holiday makers / tourists arriving with bulky and heavy cases, totally unaware that cyclists are sharing the pavement. It creates a very bad first impression of the City, especially alongside the construction works for the trams. It is suggested that Fines should be imposed on those flouting a ban in the same way Fines are imposed on motorists. Younger children, especially on bicycles with stabilisers or tricyles cannot be expected to join traffic on roads, hence requesting the ban on cyclists over the age of 12.
Petition Status Closed
Name of petitioner Alison Adamson-Ross (Macpherson (Scotland) Ltd)
Opening date 22/07/2013
Closing date 20/08/2013
Total signatories 26 (business) - 38 (individual)
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee on 5 September 2013 agreed:

1) To refer the Petition to the Transport and Environment Committee.
2) To note that the Director of Services for Communities would investigate the possibility of including the promotion of cyclist/pedestrian safety within the Active Travel Action Plan & Road Safety Action Plan.
3) To note the discussions on the possibility of holding a city wide initiative in response to the issues in the petition.
4) To note that Police Scotland would provide statistics on the number of and location of pedestrian/cyclist collisions and the number of fixed penalty notices issued for cycling on the footpath to the City of Edinburgh Council.
5) To ask that the issue of footpath cycling and its consequences be discussed further at Tactical and Co-ordination Groups (TAC) of Neighbourhood Partnerships and that an update be provided to the Petitions Committee within 12 months on any actions that had been taken.
Further Action This petition was considered further at the Transport and Environment Committee on 29 October 2013
Links Transport and Environment Committee 29 October 2013