Petitions (Closed) - Dog Control on Shared Paths

Petition details That Dog Owners be required to keep dogs on a leash either on or within 10 meters of a shared path. A shared path being defined as being permitted for use by cyclists and / or horses along with walkers / dog owners.
This would bring council rules on shared paths and cycleways into line with the current highway code.
Petition Status Closed
Name of petitioner Kenneth Cramond
Opening date 01/11/2012
Closing date 01/05/2013
Total signatories 112
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee are unable to consider this petition as the minimum number of signatures has not been reached.

A petition requires at least 200 signatures before it can be considered by the Petitions Committee. Petitions which refer to a local issue can be considered by the Committee at the discretion of the Convener if they have more than 50 signatures.