Petitions (Closed) - Closure of Holyrood Park to Through-Traffic

Petition details Holyrood Park is an important green space for Edinburgh which should have as its main purpose the recreation and leisure of the people of Edinburgh and tourists in the city. The use of the park by 25,000 vehicles per day as a through-route conflicts directly with the recreational use of the Park, and Historic Scotland's legal duty to, "... protect Holyrood Park, its significantly important cultural and natural heritage, and promote its benefits for recreational users". As the roads are Crown Property, and do not form part of the wider road network, with no direct funding for the upkeep of the road network in the Park, the roads should be closed to motorised traffic (using existing barriers which enforce Sunday closures), while access to the various car parks is maintained, so that the Park can become a haven for individuals, families and children (and swans) to enjoy, free of the noise and danger of motorised traffic. This would see Holyrood Park regain a status as one of the most pleasant and dramatic urban green spaces in the world, that could rival Central Park or Hyde Park, something which the city can be truly proud of. Historic Scotland, explaining closures of the Park roads over the festive period, stated that this makes the Park a 'safe' place for children to take new bikes. This situation should not be reserved for festive periods only, and should be the default state for what at the moment amounts to a missed opportunity.
Petition Status Closed
Name of petitioner Anthony Robson
Opening date 12/03/2013
Closing date 10/05/2013
Total signatories 171
Petition Outcome The Petitions Committee are unable to consider this petition as the minimum number of signatures has not been reached.

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