Petitions (Invalid) - Against the Continual Refusal of Planning Applications for Dormers in the Lochend Road Colonies

Petition details Planning policy for the Colonies in Edinburgh has to be specific to each individual Colony and take into account previous developments in existence both authorised and unauthorised. Approximately 50% of the inner Terraces of the Lochend Road have large box dormers, such that it is nonsensical to refuse planning applications for further box dormers and to impose policies for Colonies in other areas.
We wish for the Council to overturn the decisions to refuse planning applications ref 12/01650/FUL 22 Ashville Terrace, 12/02433/FUL 22 Thornville Terrace, and 12/02829/FUL 28 Thornville Terrace.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of 1.1 of our petitions criteria as it relates to planning, licensing or other matters where objections and appeals against decisions are dealt with by another process.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of paragraph 1.1 of the Petitions Criteria
Name of petitioner Keith Simpson