Petitions (Invalid) - Extend Edinburgh's music venue licence to 4am to match Glasgow

Petition details Several seminal music venues in Glasgow have been granted a 4am licence trial with a view to a permanent 4am licence if all criteria is met.

While this is a step in the right direction for Glasgow, there has been no such initiative to lengthen trading hours to catch up with virtually every other European cultural capital that trades until 6am or later (London, Bristol, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Stuttgart, Rome, Milan, Naples, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Copenhagen, Kraków etc.)

Later trading hours would benefit the city in several ways:

- Higher income for venues, which would help stop nationwide trend of independent venue closures.

- Higher tax revenue for the council, as more money will be spent in the city.

- The streets would be safer, the city's punters descending on the streets at 3am (all at once) is a known issue.

- It would help stop the creative drain of Edinburgh artists & musicians to Glasgow
Petition Status Invalid in terms of 3.2 of our petitions criteria as it is not within the Council's powers and remit.
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Mr Nick Karlsberg