Petitions (Invalid) - Investigate 1992 Video Funding Strategy Council Report

Petition details We Edinburgh citizens call upon Edinburgh Council to investigate the Video Funding Strategy report that we believe was falsified when passed by EDC’s Recreation Committee on 14th December 1992.

The Committee were told the assessment of the five video organisations the city supported at that time were the work of an independent arts consultant and that this assessment must inform the City’s funding policy for video. The recommendation favoured three of the organisations, to the likely detriment of the Video Access Centre, the only one that was 100% focussed on cheap public access and training. The art consultant has recently declared the report had been doctored, presumably by a senior Council officer, as an excuse to cut VAC’s funding.

Although VAC at the time managed to convince the Council not to cut funding, they continued to suffer through an ongoing lack of Recreation Dept recognition, leading to their eventual closure in 2006, by which time their Council grant was but half of what it had been 14 years earlier, though their turnover had quadrupled. We feel that it is time for the City to reflect upon why Edinburgh’s public access to film and video technology in 2019 is so much poorer than Glasgow’s and that knowing what took place in 1992 will help us all to understand that. We would like to see the culprit who allegedly falsified the report to be publicly identified and note that the Council presently has staff on the payroll who could identify this person.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of the following points in our petitions criteria:
1.1 planning, licensing or other matters where objections and appeals against decisions are dealt with by another process.
2.1 names of people or details that could be used to identify a person
2.2 false or defamatory statements.
2.3 details that could damage a person's reputation or discriminate against them.
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Mr Peter Gregson