Petitions (Closed) - Constructing a Basketball Court in the Meadows Park

Petition details This petition is for a project that could be carried out at the ‘Meadows’ (park). I am very passionate about basketball and it is growing into a very popular sport. University of Edinburgh itself, has 6 competitive basketball teams and 100’s of students who enjoy playing basketball. My proposal is of erecting a basketball court on one of the fields in the Meadows. My companion and I have spoken to many people in and around the meadows about this and the majority have said that creating a basketball court or even two would be great. Many of the students and other residents of Edinburgh live around the park and I believe that the Meadows would be a strategic location for a basketball court as there are no other outdoor courts in a miles radius. I hope you agree with my proposal and will be interested in signing for this petition. Thank you
Petition Status Closed
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Mr Edvinas Zailskas
Opening date 25/05/2018
Closing date 15/08/2018
Total signatories 364
Petition Outcome This petition will be considered by the South East Locality Committee on Monday 26 November 2018.