Petitions (Invalid) - Make Edinburgh Plastic Free

Petition details Recognising the devastating environmental and public health impacts caused by plastic waste, we ask that Edinburgh Council resolves to become a 'single-use plastic free' council and city by:

a) Phase out all single-use plastic (SUP) products, such as bottles, straws, plastic coated cups, cutlery and polystyrene containers and the unnecessary use of plastic bags in all council buildings and activities, and working with commissioning partners to end the purchase and procurement of SUPs through the Edinburgh City Council supply chain by January 2019.
b) Encourage the city’s businesses, organisations and residents to go ‘plastic free’ by working with best-practice partners in the city to create a ‘plastic free network’ that could provide support, practical guidelines and advice to help local businesses transition from SUPs to sustainable alternatives.
c) Incentivise traders on council land to sell re-usable containers and invite customers to bring their own, including requiring food and drink vendors to avoid SUPs as a condition of their event permission.
d) Submit a public report by June 2018 which summarises SUP usage within the council and outlines progress plans for phasing it out, with a further update by August 2019.

Scotland is already an ambitious leader in environmental justice. As Scotland’s proud and progressive capital, we see it fitting that Edinburgh takes the lead in driving our country towards a plastic free future. Edinburgh is also a coastal city, meaning it must be on the frontline when it comes to tackling plastic pollution in our oceans.
Petition Status Invalid in terms of 1.2 and 3.2 of our petitions criteria as it relates to a matter already being considered or scheduled to be considered by the Council or a committee and it is not within the Council's powers and remit
Petition submitted by (Business or Individual) Individual
Name of petitioner Miss Alice Judge
Opening date 02/04/2018
Closing date 01/06/2018