About City Centre Transformation


The Council is currently developing three strategies simultaneously: The City Mobility Plan, Low Emission Zone(s), and Edinburgh City Centre Transformation.                      

These three inter-related projects will fundamentally shape decisions about the transport network, sustainable travel choices, health and liveability of your neighbourhood streets, and the civic, cultural and economic vibrancy of Edinburgh’s city centre.

The projects share outcomes, geographies, and communities, and are being aligned to provide a joined up public engagement and delivery process.

Think of this website as your one stop shop to stay up to date with the projects as they progress from inception, through consultation and on to delivery.

Why these projects and why now?

  • Edinburgh is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and by 2040 will have a population of almost 600,000. The way we travel, shop, socialise, work and play is also changing, reflecting global trends and new technologies.
  • Edinburgh’s growth will provide new jobs, homes and amenities but it must be carefully balanced to provide a high quality of life, access to services and opportunities for all residents, in particular communities that experience inequality.
  • Reducing congestion and vehicle-borne air pollution, improving journey times by public transport, realising the lifelong health benefits of walking and cycling, and creating streets and public spaces that support city living for all are key to sustaining our inspiring capital city.
  • Issues around congestion, air quality and lifestyle have put the health agenda at the heart of decision making. Levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease are directly linked to the kinds of places we create and inhabit
  • If Edinburgh is to retain its position as a leading city that has a world class environment for it residents. It must tackle this problem and address congestion and air quality and consider who the city and local town centres are for
  • These ideas are focused on better places designed with people at its heart, with space for human connections; a city that is enabled by technology driving a stronger economy.

Learning from others

We are looking at the lessons learned from past projects in Edinburgh and from other cities who have renewed their city centres. Examples include:

Edinburgh is part of a European network of cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond through the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan programme.

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