How do you build a strong, smart city?

Leader of Edinburgh City Council, Councillor Andrew Burns, Depute Leader, Sandy Howat and Chief Executive, Andrew Kerr are set to give the opening speeches at MacKay Hannah’s 3rd annual City of Edinburgh Council Conference on Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Taking 'strong' and 'smart' as its themes, the conference will focus on how Edinburgh's economy, communities and the Council can develop in strength with and for people living within the Edinburgh City Region.

One of the world's leading cities with a unique mixture of business, arts, geography, architecture and history, Edinburgh plays a critical role in the success of the wider Scottish economy. Its strongest asset however is its people. The health and vitality of Edinburgh as a city is therefore important both to Edinburgh residents and business as well as a much broader range of partners.

The extensive conference will aim to cover a range of topics:

Strong Economy and Smart City - Council Leader, Andrew Burns said: “Edinburgh is fast-moving towards becoming a super-connected city and we have already digitised many of our key Council services. We operate free Wi-Fi on all our buses and trams and within many public access buildings, and plans are well underway for the installation of free outdoor Wi-Fi throughout the city centre. It is imperative we innovate our infrastructure in line with our population growth, visitor demands and business needs.”

Strong Communities and Smart People - Depute Council Leader, Sandy Howat said: “All great cities need a solid foundation from which to flourish and our starting point should be our people. For communities to thrive in a rapidly-aging and growing Capital city, local young people need to have the necessary means to feel engaged, included and empowered in their city. If we invest in the children of today, we invest in our citizens of tomorrow.”

Strong Council and Smart Services - Council Chief Executive, Andrew Kerr said: “The fear of failure can all too often stifle the desire of cities to improve but change should be encouraged. As one of the fastest growing local authority areas in Scotland, Edinburgh is facing an ever increasing demand for Council services, while the funds available to meet this demand will not increase over the next few years. Instead of focusing on cutting services we are transforming our approach, reimagining the delivery of our public services to be responsive and resident-driven.”

Find out more about the Council conference at Mackay Hannah.  

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