Greening project for Craigmillar

EDI and the City of Edinburgh Council have announced a new temporary greening project for Craigmillar town centre.

The new initiative will create a meanwhile space for community use on the reserved school site while works begin on the town centre development.

Plans for the project include a grassed area, an upgrade to the existing paths along the new woodland area, a containerised orchard and a hazel and wood copse growing area. The project will complement the kickabout area built recently by local high school students as a construction challenge initiative to create a multi-use events space.

Work on the project is expected to start in November, and be completed by April 2016.

A number of community groups have come forward with suggestions to enhance the existing plans, including the construction of timber seating. Other ideas from the community are also being encouraged. Community activity days are planned to take place towards the end of the year, where everyone will be invited to take part.

Councillor Frank Ross, Economy Convener and EDI Chair, welcomed the project. He said: “While the development is still underway, this project will make the most of the currently vacant Craigmillar plot. The greening will allow the area to become an active space for the local community to enjoy and ease the construction process. Importantly, residents are being encouraged to put forward their own ideas for how the space can be used.”


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