Watch your step around frozen waters this winter

The following advice has been issued today by Scottish Canals:

Take extra care on icy towpaths and around frozen waters

Scottish Canals urges everyone to take care whilst visiting the Scottish canals this winter, in particular whilst they are frozen over.

No one should walk on frozen waters under any circumstances no matter how tempting this may be. The ice can be very thin and the water is freezing and moving in currents below the surface.

The canals are visited all year round by thousands of people and can look particularly attractive during the snowy weather but Scottish Canals' message for visitors is to always stay SAFE and Stay Away From the Edge.

This is particularly important on icy or frosty days as towpaths, bridges and lock-sides can be particularly slippery.
Snow can also cover potential trip hazards such as boat mooring rings which sit close to the water's edge.

Children, in particular, should always be accompanied by an adult when they visit the canals and Scottish Canals asks all adults to help make children aware of the potential dangers of playing near frozen waters or on icy towpaths at this time of year.

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