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Councillor Lesley Hinds: "We've written to parents to keep them up to date and to say we'll be offering them the chance to see the records that have been reviewed by the independent, external auditors. We planned to make these details available after Dame Elish's investigation, as record-keeping is one of the areas she'll be looking at.

“But it's clear that the police investigation will not be finished in the timescale we originally thought and Dame Elish's investigation will need to follow that. So, because of these circumstances, we thought the right thing to do was to make the information available to parents if they want it. In the meantime, Dame Elish is continuing her preparation and background research, ready to begin her full and independent investigation as soon as possible."

The letter to parents says:

“As you know, the Council has appointed Dame Elish Angiolini to conduct an investigation following the report to Council in January.  Everything is now in place for Dame Elish to begin and she has started background work in preparation.  However, the police have received a number of complaints from families and need to investigate these and pass their findings to the Procurator Fiscal to decide if criminal proceedings are to be taken.

“Until the police investigation is completed and all the issues are considered by the Procurator Fiscal, Dame Elish cannot start the further investigation.  Once we have a confirmed start date we will write to you again and let you know how you can take part in the investigation if you wish.

“As you know, the Council have asked PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to look at records held by Mortonhall Crematorium. This exercise will be complete shortly and we will be contacting you to ask if you wish to see what records we have seen for your baby. You will be given a choice of how you receive this information which will not at that stage have been reviewed by Dame Elish. You may choose to wait until her investigation is complete so that she has had the opportunity to see the records and investigate further. I will be writing to you nearer the time to explain how this process will work.

“We understand this is a very difficult time for you waiting for news and we want to assure you we will keep you closely informed at each stage of the process.

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