Transport Convener: Roads repairs are on the up

Councillor Lesley Macinnes has stressed the Council’s commitment to improving road conditions following recent publicity around road repairs.

Amongst the progress being made this year has been a reduction in the volume of outstanding road defects and a forecast increase in the number of repairs to be carried out, compared to 2017/18.

Transport and Environment Convener, Councillor Lesley Macinnes, said: “We have made real progress with road repairs in part thanks to our Roads Improvement Plan, which is having a visible impact. As part of this plan we do, of course, recognise the need to increase the volume of carriageway works we carry out this year, as was discussed at the last Transport and Environment Committee, and we’re already seeing the effects – carriageway improvements for 2018/19 are up 66% on 2017/18.

“This year we have a budget of £19.85m for road repairs, £10.8m of which has been carried over from previous financial years – something which has been acknowledged in a number of Council reports. We are making every effort to address this and as a result our output is forecast to increase, delivering £11.5m of work in the coming year, including £7.2m of the backlog, as well as £4.3m of the work planned for 18/19.

“We’re investing more money in 2018/19 than previous years, prioritising nearly £1m in extra funding to help us make further repairs, and as a result the number of outstanding defects has reduced. We’ve also been able to carry out a range of important schemes thanks to investment, including improvements to the A7 Bridges corridor, Home Street and Bruntsfield Place, as well as Queen Street and Willowbrae Road – all of which will have a major beneficial long-term impact.”

The city’s Roads Improvement Plan has already made significant improvements to the identification, recording, and repair of road defects, while also recognising the need to address staffing levels.

The Council is forecast to carry out 314,000 square metres of carriageway improvements this year, including major schemes such as resurfacing work on the Bridges, Broughton Road and in Cannonmills, all of which are expected to deliver long-term benefits to the public.

Find out more about roads and transport budgets on the Council website.

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