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The City of Edinburgh Council is developing our new British Sign Language (BSL) Plan 2018-24. We want to involve and consult you on the plan and its objectives and have established a Facebook Group 'BSL Plan Edinburgh'to seek your views.

The plan will support people with British Sign Language as a first or preferred language to be fully involved in daily and public life as active and healthy citizens.

The Council is keen to hear the thoughts of 'BSL users' and their families on how best to ensure people with BSL as a first or preferred language have equal access to Council services and support and members of the public have the opportunity to share their feedback on the draft plan shortly.

The Plan is in line with the Scottish Government's British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023 and the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 which requires public bodies in Scotland to publish plans every six years, showing how they will promote and support BSL.

More assistance or information, including a copy of the draft plan, can be provided by contacting


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