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Lord Provost

70th Edinburgh Taxi Trade Children’s Outing

The annual outing takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 14 June 2016).

Every year on the second Tuesday in June, Edinburgh’s taxi drivers take time off to treat some very special children to a day at the seaside. Tomorrow I will be taking part and will be braving the children’s’ water pistols.  The event is always great fun and my fingers are crossed for the return of the good weather.

Edinburgh's schools and social work departments assist and the taxis are all decorated with balloons or as floats. All the taxis meet at the Zoo and I have the very difficult task of judging the winner.  Judging and presentation of prizes takes place for best float taxi, best balloon taxi, best fancy dressed driver and best fancy dressed child.

From 10am the taxis then tour the city centre so please keep an eye out (we may be hard to miss) and give the children a wave!  I’m looking forward to travelling in one of the taxis with some of the children for our trip to the beach – even if I do get soaked!

It really is a fantastic event that I know all the children enjoy and I thank all the taxi drivers who take part.