About City Centre Transformation


The City of Edinburgh Council has committed to delivering a sustainable, accessible and connected future that puts people at the heart of the capital.

Two public consultations connected with realising this vision have already been given the green light to proceed –

We are also consulting on plans to improve walking, cycling and public spaces between the Meadows and George Street. Find out more and give your views.


Work began in 2018 and took a major step forward in the Autumn when the Council engaged with more than 5000 people across the city and region to hear their views about the ideas set out in 'Connecting our City, Transforming our Places'. 

Connecting our City, Transforming our Places showed approaches that could help Edinburgh become a healthier, more active and connected city with a transformed city centre and improved neighbourhood streets.

February’s report to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee (PDF, 9.6MB) shares the engagement findings and how your views are shaping the next steps for the Edinburgh City Centre Transformation, Low Emission Zones(s) and City Mobility Plan.

Key findings

88% of people support changes to mobility and place quality in the city, with 51% in support of radical change. A huge thank you to everyone who input their views in Edinburgh’s largest public engagement of the year.

People said they want a city which works for everyone, through attractive, liveable public spaces, with sustainable and active travel made as easy as possible. They want a city where traffic is less dominant, where goods are moved efficiently and sustainably, where it’s easier to choose healthier – and cheaper – transport like walking and cycling, and where an integrated public transport system with smart, flexible ticketing enables residents and visitors to get from A to B.

For further details and analysis, please see the summary findings.

Why these projects and why now?

  • Edinburgh is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and by 2040 will have a population of almost 600,000. New technology and global trends are changing the way we travel, shop, socialise, work and play.
  • Edinburgh’s growth will provide new jobs, homes and amenities but must be carefully balanced to provide a high quality of life, access to services and opportunities for all, in particular communities that experience inequality.
  • Reducing congestion and traffic related air pollution, improving journey times by public transport, realising the health benefits of walking and cycling, and creating streets and public spaces that support city living are key to sustaining our inspiring capital city.