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City Centre Transformation

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The centre of Edinburgh is known for its Old and New Towns and the character of its residential areas, parks and civic spaces, in and around its World Heritage Site.

As the region’s hub for business and retail over 100,000 people work in the city centre. More than 60,000 people live here - a third of these are students - and 4 million people visit each year, drawn by the city’s history and culture.

By 2040, the city’s population will rise by almost 100,000 to 600,000. Edinburgh is also the heart of a growing region which accounts for a quarter of the Scottish population.

We are planning for growth so our transport systems, city streets and public spaces are ready for the future.  We want our city centre to continue to be an attractive place to live, work, study and visit.


Edinburgh City Centre Transformation (CCT) is a key step towards creating a city centre that reflects our hopes for Edinburgh in 2050, a city centre that is fair, thriving, connected and inspired. The project aims to:

  • ensure people living in the city can experience a great quality of life, make use of their public space and benefit from attractions and festivals
  • provide a city centre that is inclusive, safer, healthier and easier to travel to and move around
  • offer exemplary streets and spaces that match the city's outstanding built and natural heritage
  • create a transformed city centre that powers Scotland’s economy, energised by civic, cultural and commercial activity
  • make better use of public space to create shared experiences and ensure visitors feel welcome.